Google Assistant launches simultaneous translation on some devices

The long-awaited feature of simultaneous translation using Google Assistant is now available. Learn how to use Google Assistant simultaneous translation.

The Google team announced new features for Google Assistant in the latest edition of the CES, including the interpreter mode. And, now this new feature is already available on some devices.

Remember that this simultaneous translation option allows Google Assistant to interpret multiple conversations in different languages, in real time.

The dynamic is very simple, the user only has to activate the Interpreter Mode, with commands like:

OK Google, can you be my interpreter in …? “, ” I need an interpreter of … ” mentioning the corresponding language, among other options.

When you hear the tone, the user can start talking, and the conversation will be translated immediately.

And, in the case of users who use this function of simultaneous translation on smart screens, they will have the advantage of seeing the transcription of the conversation, with its respective translation.

Siri, Google Assistant or Cortana which is smarter?

This dynamic translation feature has support for 26 languages. But it is necessary to start the process using Spanish, English, French, German, Japanese or Italian, and then move on to any of the other languages.

This new feature can now be tested on smart screens and other devices with built-in Google Assistant, as well as all speakers with Google Home.

Apparently, the process is not so fluid in long conversations or with complicated terms. But it is a good option that can save us at the moment, to break the ice, avoid misunderstandings or emergency situations.

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