How to get verified badge on Instagram – Request badge code

In this tutorial, we explain the requirements and steps you must follow to get verified badge on Instagram account with the blue check.

The social network that is taking more fame over the last few years is Instagram. Purchased by Facebook in 2012 for 1,000 million dollars, the popularity of Instagram has been growing at times facing its main competitor SnapChat. You can modify comment on Instagram, can make Instagram account private, post 360 photos and even you can know who visited your Instagram profile. Instagram also popular with various photo editing filters available for free.

What is a verified badge?
How to request a verified badge Instagram?
Steps to get verified badge awarded from Instagram:
  Do not represent yourself as a spammer
  Try to get more followers in right way
In the case of having a badge verified on Facebook, can I have it on Instagram?
Get Instagram verified badge code
How to activate two-step verification Instagram

Thousands of public figures are those who have decided to join the platform and with them millions of fans to follow all their publications. The increase of this type of accounts together with all the new characters are known as “influencers” that represent Instagram, forced the application to introduce the verified badges in 2014.

What is a verified badge?

The verified badges are blue marks with a blank check that appears next to the name of the social network account and indicate that it is a confirmed account of a public figure, famous person or world brand that represents.

In this way, your identity cannot be supplanted and is a sure way that the Instagram network becomes a reliable place for all your followers.

verified instagram account badge

Become a verified Instagram user with latest Instagram verified badge like the above image. Let’s learn about what is Instagram verified badge? What are the requirements of having a verified badge? Will you get verified Instagram badge if you have verified Facebook badge? How to secure your verified Instagram account further with two-step authentication? We’ll explain all.

How to request a verified badge Instagram?

In the case that what you are looking for is that your account receives a verification badge, you should take into account that currently, Instagram has published from its official website that it is not possible to request or acquire a verification badge.

The only case in which this badge could be awarded is if there is a situation where the account has a high probability of personality.

Steps to get verified badge awarded from Instagram:

As you already know that there is no way either to apply for Instagram verified account or request Instagram to verify your account. There is only one way, you have to represent yourself as a popular celebrity or brands to Instagram. We’ll explain how to do it as follows:

Do not represent yourself as a spammer:

  1. Do not make spam comment : Stay away from spam comment publishers and delete it immediately. Only keep comment which are relevant to your Instagram post. Avoid spam comment like “nice pic”, “lovely”, “cool”, etc published from same account.
  2. Do not buy artificial followers : More active followers you have more chance to get verified by Instagram. But remember that do not buy artificial followers. It will ruin all your positive approach and hard work to achieve Instagram verification.
  3. Do not break Instagram terms : Did you read all the terms and condition of Instagram community guidelines while created Instagram account? Most of us don’t read though, but it is very important practice. Otherwise you will get banned from a network without knowing the reason. And you’ll unfortunately blame the community whereas the fault is yours.

Try to get more followers in right way:

  1. Write attractive biography : Instagram users usually check celebrity bio before following their account. Thus you need to write Instagram bio in way so that it attracts your follower at a sight.
  2. Use of popular hashtags : The most easiest way to get more followers is to use trending #hashtags properly. With popular #hashtag, you can advertise your account to millions of users.
  3. Reply, share, comment on other users post: Another basic way to spread your Instagram account is to interact with other popular user post sensibly. Don’t make spam comment. You need to read and know what they post and make a proper comment relevant to their post.
  4. Connect Instagram to Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts: Once you’ve connected your Instagram account with Facebook, Twitter, and other social network, Instagram, by default, suggests your friends on other social network to follow on Instagram. Thus, if you are a popular person on other social media, you can immediately be on Instagram too by connecting it to Instagram.

In the case of having a badge verified on Facebook, can I have it on Instagram?

Currently having a verified account on Facebook is not synonymous with being able to have it on Instagram. In these cases what you could do is link your Instagram profile account from your official website, Facebook page or official Twitter account.

verified instagram account example

Get Instagram verified badge code

Do you want to take a screenshot with the blue verification logo of Instagram temporarily? Make some fun with Instagram verification image with your friends. To do this, you need to code a little bit. Just follow below steps:

  1. Open google chrome browser and visit on PC.
  2. Login using “Username” and “Password”
  3. Go to “profile” and “right click” on username.
  4. Select “inspect element” from drop down menu.
  5. Right click on the selected html tag and select “edit as html” option. It will open an html editor.
  6. Finally paste this code right after </h1> tag : <span class=”_i2ibz _8scx2 coreSpriteVerifiedBadge” title=”Verified”>Verified</span>
  7. Click on the web page and the Instagram verification image will instantly appear.
  8. Now you can take sreenshot to share with your friends.

How to activate two-step verification Instagram

For the moment of not having huge Instagram followers, you need to secure and spread your Instagram account to improve probability of impersonation. As you do not meet the above requirements, all you have left is to activate the two-steps verification of Instagram to keep your account as protected as possible and prevent them from accessing it with greater security.

For this, you must follow the following instructions:

Step 1

First of all, access your account and enter the settings. Once here we have to enter the “two-factor authentication” tab. In the new window, we have to activate the button “Request security code“.

instagram two-step verification 1

Step 2

Next, we will see a message in which we are told that we will receive a text message with a security code that we must use every time we want to enter the application. Once we receive this code, we can verify our account.

instagram two-step verification 2

In this way, we will have greater security in our account and it will be more difficult for them to access our account since this new verification code will have to use.

Hopefully you can know about Instagram verified badge and requirements to have it as well as tutorial to activate two-step authentication on Instagram to achieve more privacy and security.

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