Functionality Workgroup will be disabled in Windows 10

The Workgroup option that many users worldwide use to share between network computers will be disabled from Windows 10 in the following updates.

Microsoft has announced many changes that are coming, one of the most outstanding is that the mythical function of Workgroup from the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17063 version will be disabled.

The use of Workgroups is among other functions let’s say how to connect several computers per network at a domestic level or very small networks and it is in the Windows 10 version of the Home system among others. At the company level, the Domains are used in Windows 10 Professional versions among others.

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It focuses on the use of Microsoft’s cloud. The goal is to use both for printers and equipment through the cloud (cloud) with the use of Onedrive. It is no coincidence that companies focus on Cloud, the latest news of increases in the speed of connection such as the 5G worldwide help make it normal use.

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According to the approach they comment on, they see the workgroups of the pre-cloud and pre-mobile era, seeing nowadays the functionality integrated into Windows 10 with a Cloud approach. It is important to know that the user profile used to share file/folder / shared printers will continue to work.

It is not the end of the world since they offer some options that are also useful and quick to use for sharing files between several computers at the level of small networks, such as the following.

File storage

Obviously, OneDrive is the storage and collaboration platform chosen for the devices in the cloud. With it, you can have the data, such as files, photos, videos, etc. by hand quickly and controlled.

The OneDrive feature “Files On-Demand” is the evolution you have to access the files you have in the cloud even without having to download them and use space from the device you connect to.

Sharing Functionality

Are not you convinced to use Cloud? There will be an option to share folders and printers without having to use the cloud (Onedrive) but it will be direct functionality called “Share for folders and printers”. It is another option for those who do not convince them to depend on the Onedrive cloud.

Easier connection

Change the form of connection since now it will not be necessary to remember the secret passwords of the Working Group to connect to other equipment. It will now be possible to make connections through the email address of Microsoft accounts through any device. This is another interesting feature to consider.

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Taking into account that the speed of connections is increasing and is being implemented more and more worldwide, you can see how everything (including the OS) is being focused on an always active internet connection, hence the focus of major brands on the functionalities of the Internet. cloud.

It starts with the changes in Home equipment, but in the near future, I am convinced that it will begin to affect the professional range of Domains. We will continue informing.

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