Can you take full page screen capture of webpage in one click?

One-click away to take a full page screen capture of a visited webpage with Chrome free extension and save as .pdf, .png, .jpg file format! Capture top to bottom.

Most of modern Laptop, Desktop computer users who surf the internet via internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet explorer, and so on, heard the terms called browser ad-on or extensions.

In this tutorial, we will use one the popular extension from Chrome Web Store to take top to bottom webpage screenshot.

What is actually full page screenshot?

Suppose that you visited a website which had long details article about a certain topic. Now you want to save the article as .pdf or photo formate to read later.

Regular screenshot tools allows you to take photo portion which are currently displaying on the screen.

But it will not take rest of the parts which you can view by scrolling the webpage.

Full page screenshot will contain a complete view of webpage including the scrolling section of a page and combined it in a single file.

Definition of Full Webpage Screenshot.

How to take full page screen capture on Chrome?

Taking full webpage screenshot is the simple job, just you need to have correct tool. Here the tool is an Chrome Extension, called Full Page Screen Capture Extension.

We will use it in our tutorials and we will successfully take complete screen capture. It will take about 5 minutes in total.

By the way, we will only focus on full page screen capture topic to keep this tutorial simple. You can find help on how to and where to add, install, delete extension for your browser for additional support.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Let’s follow 5 simple steps to take full webpage screenshot on Chrome Browser installed in both Windows or MAC operating system.

  1. Install Extension

    You need to download and install Full Page Screen Capture extension from Chrome WebStore. Just follow the link shared in this article.full page screen capture extension

  2. Find Camera Icon

    After successful installation, a Camera Icon will appear besides Chrome Url bar.
    find camera icon

  3. Open Test Webpage

    Selectively visit a web page to test this extension. Recommending a webpage which is long enough to view by scrolling.
    Visit WebPage
    Don’t take Chrome web store, browser setting and other extensions as an example to take screen capture. This extension will not work there.

  4. Take ScreenShot

    Just click on the Camera Icon to start count down to take full page screen capture.capture full screen

  5. Save (Final)

    Last but not least, you need to select the required file format either .PNG or .PDF. Just Click the respected download icon.
    Save Full Page ScreenShot

Surely you have got the result what you are seeking for. Just you need install that extension and follow few clicks to take top to bottom screenshot of a webpage.

Few more words about screen capture extension

I really love this extension, that’s why, i’m going to mention some other features as below:

So far it offers two file formats, .PNG and .PDF by default. You can also change the file format to .JPEG from the extension setting panel.

By default, the .PDF page size will be in “US Letter”. But you can change it to A4 size too.

This particular extension comes with premium versions too. With premium version you can edit any screenshot before saving to your computer. You can add various shapes, crop the size, add some stickers and emoticons, etc. which are pretty awesome features.

Try this extension, you will surely love it too. Do you have any say about this extension or do you have any better alternatives? Let’s us hear in the comment section!

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  1. GoFullPage is hands down the best full page screen capture. It is the fastest screenshot application with no loss of quality. If I don’t want part of the full page, it is a simple crop.
    Download it now to save yourself time and aggravation. To the developer, thank you for this great extension.


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