Free Spotify Premium account: New scam circulates on WhatsApp

Do not fall into the trap! A new scam circulating in WhatsApp with messages offering free Spotify Premium accounts. It is a scam! Avoid it and save yourself a disappointment. We give you the details.

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging services worldwide by users. In fact, in 2017 there were more than 1200 million WhatsApp users around the world exchanging more than 43,000 million messages every day.

These data are partly due to the popularity of WhatsApp, which rises like the foam in a certain way thanks to the constant work that they do of incorporating new features and new features that are useful for their users in their App. One of the last of them that we already echoed in MsnTechBlog is that WhatsApp already allows mobile with the iOS operating system to upload YouTube videos without having to leave the application.

Undoubtedly an application used by such a volume of people is a gold mine for cybercriminals who seek to steal information, infect computers with malware or subscribe to Premium SMS services using some kind of deception. In this case, the National Police in its Official Twitter account has been in charge of giving the alarm and warning so they do not sting in the last thymus that circulates on WhatsApp and that spreads at a dizzying speed among users.

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Spotify Premium Account for free: The new scam that circulates on WhatsApp

Spotify has been the candy that cybercriminals have put as bait to achieve their goal, and it seems that in many cases it has worked and some have fallen into the trap. As we said the police have alerted on Twitter that if they receive a message from WhatsApp that offers a free Spotify premium account in exchange for answering a simple two-question survey they do not, as they could be stealing the information or entering their terminals some kind of malware

After the brief survey, the deceived receive a warning that they have won the Spotify Premium account for one year, but to activate it, they must pass this WhatsApp message to 30 of their contacts so that it is activated automatically.

How do these cybercriminals cheat their victims?

The link that is extending offering a free Spotify Premium account has different aspects: it is changing the text and sometimes it even appears in English, but the content is practically the same and encourages clicking this link with malicious content.

Also in the link, the URL uses the HTTPS protocol to inspire confidence and thus trick users to click on it and answer the form.

Protecting ourselves from being victim of cyber-scam that circulate by WhatsApp is simpler than it seems since normally we must distrust the messages that offer us services or free gifts with the fact of clicking on a link and answering questions or surveys. Usually, they are tricks that it is in your hand to prevent.

From MsnTechBlog we are aware of this type of cyber-scam that affect the security of the users and we will continue informing about this current topic.

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