How to follow a hashtag on Instagram?

Follow hashtag on Instagram to get daily update

Instagram has announced during these days a novelty, the possibility of following a hashtag. This new option of Instagram will allow us to monitor a hashtag in a precise way, seeing each and every one of the publications done with this hashtag. Let’s start to follow a hashtag on Instagram!

We have to be careful with what hashtags we follow since following a mass media will mean having thousands of publications on our wall every day, constantly updating with the publications of millions of users. MsnTechBlog recommendation is not following too many or, at least,  one very busy hashtags like the classic #picoftheday, etc. If what you want is to see a new picture every second, go ahead!

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How do you follow a hashtag on Instagram?

Instagram has announced us that there is a possibility of the following hashtag very soon. But Instagram has not taught us how to follow a hashtag or how to stop following a hashtag. To follow it, there are several ways. Among which we are going to discuss the simplest one.

  • When we click on any hashtag, it will take us to a tab where we can see the hashtag with a button to follow similar like below the photos.
  • If we click on follow, we will start to follow that Instagram hashtag.

Instead, if we want to search for a hashtag, go to the search engine that we have below on Instagram where we search for people and choose the hashtags tab. There we can find the hashtag we want and, by clicking on it, do the same process.

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How to stop following a hashtag on Instagram?

To stop following the same hashtag, if we go to the search engine, we will see the hashtags we are following. By clicking on it, we can go to the tab where the hashtag is with its publications and stop following it.

That simple. This option is useful to follow a hashtag publications specifically, whether you have a business or not. If you have a business, you can use a hashtag for people to upload their photos to it and otherwise you can always see what’s in that new place you want to go or who is taking pictures on it.

It is true that Instagram took a lot of time adding new features but almost all the stories and not too many to the application itself, thanks, this new addition following hashtag that will simplify things for many people.

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