Firefox launches an extension to avoid Facebook tracking

Mozilla Firefox has taken the challenge to stop Facebook spying and has launched a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox to avoid tracking information that the social network collects outside of Facebook Platform. Do you want to install it?

Nowadays, the social network par excellence giant Facebook is not going through its best. Millions of users personal information is in danger due to the Facebook Data Scandal with Cambridge analytical. After leaking the news that the platform collects different information from users beyond what would be strictly necessary, the closure of accounts and deletion of content has been one of the trending topics of the Internet world.

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Taking advantage of this situation, Mozilla Firefox has decided to launch an extension with the name of Facebook Container. Installing this browser extension will block the tracking that Facebook makes to users.

How does Facebook Container work?

Facebook Container
Facebook Container
Developer: Mozilla Firefox
Price: Free

Already Facebook container extension launched for the Firefox browser is available in the beta version. This extension has been designed in a way so that all pages that are under the control of Facebook, do not have the ability to access more information than found only in that container.

Thus Facebook can’t access outside the platform to collect information about those searches that have done externally to offer publicity about it later. And how many times have we entered Facebook and seen these types of ads related to our external searches? To avoid this, you need to clear search history on Facebook Search bar as well as clear search history on your Browser.

By installing this extension what is meant to block this type of information and that the social network is limited access to what occurs within its platform.

Can I already download the extension?

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As we have been stating, although this plugin is in beta, we can start testing it. We must bear in mind that the extension prevents Facebook from collecting our information outside of the platform. But the social network will continue to have access to everything we do and write while browsing through it.


Features of Facebook Container Extension

  • The chance of changing our Facebook settings
  • Use private browsing
  • Enable tracking protection
  • Block third-party cookies
  • Use of Firefox multi-account container extension to limit tracking

For its part, the browser says it does not collect data from its extension on Facebook.

So far this extension can only be found in Firefox, and seems to be a possible solution to the uproar caused these days by the collection of hidden information by the social network. In a world in which we are continuously exposing our data, tastes, photos, network locations, etc. Is it possible to be totally safe?

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