Find and delete duplicate files, photos, songs, videos on Android

delete android duplicate files

Gain more space by finding and deleting duplicate files, photos, videos, songs, and documents files on Android.

Without knowing it you can be accumulating duplicate files and photos on your smartphone. Here we tell you how to detect and delete duplicate files on Android.

How duplicate files created on Android phone?

Each time you take more photos with the mobile and when you edit them to create a new copy, then send it by WhatsApp creating another copy and so with all the files multiplying the number of identical copies on your mobile. Do you know how to detect and delete those duplicate files on Android?

Some applications, such as WhatsApp or Telegram, create their own copies of the files they manage by saving in the application folders a duplicate of the photos or files that you send, so that you can have the original photo in your photo gallery and duplicate files of the same photo in each of the applications in which you have used it, either to send or to edit it.

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Disadvantages of having duplicate files on Android phone

Having duplicate files on your smartphone has a double negative effect because it makes the management of your files more chaotic and unnecessarily occupies a valuable space in the internal memory of your smartphone. You can avoid it by searching and deleting duplicate files on your mobile.

Fortunately, you will not have to do this by reviewing the folders on your mobile one by one as the Duplicate Files Fixer app will do it for you.

Instruction to find and delete all duplicate files, photos, songs, videos, docs using Android App:

At first, download and install the free Duplicate Files Fixer application from trusted Google Play store on your Android and start it.

This app will analyze the memory of your smartphone and find all the duplicate files on your mobile offering you to delete all those repeated files quickly and easily.

How to download and install Duplicate files fixer android app?

  1. Open google play store application and type “duplicate files fixer” on search box.
  2. You need to click either on the app name from “search suggestion” or on keyboard search button to find the app.
  3. Click on “Install” to download and install duplicate files fixer app on your android phone.
  4. Click on “Open” to lunch the application.
Duplicate file, photo, audio, video finder android app
How to install Duplicate files fixer android app

Scan duplicate files on Android phone using Duplicate file fixer app

When you start the app, it will display features of this app. You may either read all those guides by click “Lets Go” button or just avoid by click on “Skip” button.

Now, Duplicate files fixer app will request you to provide grand permission to access android phone files. You need to click on “Got It“.

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Duplicate files fixer app will display a new window where you can select to scan only Audio, Videos, Pictures, Documents, Full Duplicate Scan, Full Junk Scan option. You can separately scan for any type of files to find it’s duplicates and delete, but our recommended is “Full Duplicate Scan” which will bring all duplicate files regardless of file types.

Once the search option is selected, touch “Scan Now“. This time your phone will take permission from you that this application will access your phone files. Tap on “Allow” to start searching for duplicate files.

Scan for duplicate android files

Select and delete duplicate files on Android

When finished, it will show you the duplicate files grouped according to their match and automatically mark the duplicates leaving only one copy of each file found.

Check all the duplicates found by its necessary to mark or unmarked a different file to remove it and click on the option Delete now that appears at the bottom.

This will remove all selected files and free up space on your Android.

Delete duplicate files on android

Find only duplicate or similar photos

We have already seen that finding and deleting duplicate files on your Android is not complicated.

But what if the photos are the same but the apps have changed the file name or when you have edited them has changed its size?

In that case, it is possible that the previous method will not be able to detect the duplicate photos that you keep in your Android since, to all intents and purposes; it is as if it were a totally different file despite being a duplicate.

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For those cases, you can use the Remo Duplicate Photos Remover app. This app is available for free on Google Play and will be very useful to identify those photos that, even under slight variations, could be considered as the same or very similar images.

Find only duplicate photos on Android phone

The app is very easy to use and simply open it and click on the Scan button. Similar like Duplicate files fixer app, you need to “Allow” access. Then start analyzing the memory of your Android by looking for similar or duplicate images to remove them.

Find duplicate photos on android phone

Select duplicate photos using Remo Duplicate Photo Remover app

When you finish your analysis shows the results for both images that can be considered identical, which you will find in the Exact tab, as those that have a certain similarity despite not having the same file name or weight, which you will find in the Similar tab.

Find out similar photos on Android

Delete duplicate photos on Android phone

Open Similar section and find the photos grouped in sets according to their similarity. As you can appreciate in the capture, although they are three images with different weight, different name and slight differences in the framing, they are indeed very similar. Touch one of them to see a premium view and decide which one to keep. Check the duplicate photos you want to delete.

Then touch the Delete icon in the lower right corner of the screen and the selected photos will be deleted releasing the space they occupied unnecessarily.

Delete duplicate photos on Android

We can summarize this article as:

  1. Reason behind duplicate files generations.
  2. Disadvantages of duplicate files.
  3. Finding and deleting duplicate files, photos, videos and documents very easy. Just you need to install appropriate apps and follow our instructions.
  4. You can use “Duplicate files fixer” app to delete any types of duplicate files whereas “Remo duplicate photo remover” only work on Photos.

Are you using better application to delete duplicate files and photos on Android phone? Share your valuable opinion in our comment section and also try these two apps.

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