Fake technical supports block your browser due to failure in Chrome

The cybercriminals have taken advantage of a bug in Chrome to block the browser and thus make their false technical services more credible. What to do about this situation?

Cyber-attacks and cyber-attacks are two of the most current issues today and are that cybercriminals who perform these types of actions are pending any failure in order to reach their objectives.

For all technological giants IT Security is one of the main issues of concern and Google was not going to be less. Lately, the company has incorporated measures to protect its users as its own antivirus for Chrome or (Google Clean Up) or when for security reasons it also decided to block redirects to other websites.

Chrome error: Administrator has disabled updates – 2 method

But it seems that any effort is little and that these cybercriminals are pending any failure to take advantage of the opportunity to perform cyber-attacks.

And this has been what happened after discovering an error detected in Google’s browser, Chrome. Taking advantage of the aforementioned ruling, cybercriminals have acted in the following manner. We all know that there are false technical supports that show supposed infections of our team to get us to download their solution in our computers.

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In this case and due to this error found in Chrome apart from showing us these supposed infections of our team are able to block our browser to get us to install their supposed solution and thus conclude with the scam.

How does this cyber-scam work?

cyber scammer

This technique is used by the pages of the false technical supports. These warn you of a terrible failure in the system or that we have been infected by a virus. Then they offer the solution to call a telephone number where the technical service will support us to solve the problem.

Now, these pages are including “Download Bombs”, which influence the system trying to make hundreds of downloads simultaneously on the browser. With this, the use of the CPU reaches almost 100% and leaves the browser collapsed, in this case, Google Chrome, and practically the entire team.

In some cases it prevents even closing the browser, making all this much more credible in the eyes of the user. So these cybercriminals achieve their goal and deceive users when they panic to see how all your equipment is blocked.

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In which versions of Chrome is the aforementioned bug and how to fix it?


Although experts in cybersecurity say that this method only promotes fraud and there is no risk of infecting the equipment, this issue is no less disturbing. In addition, even the newer versions of the Google browser do not get rid of this bug, because they take advantage of the JavaScript method Blob and the window.navigator.msSaveOrOpenBlob function.

If you are faced with this problem and cannot close the browser, it is best to do so from the Windows task manager using the following key combination:

Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Another way to solve this problem in these cases is to use another browser so we will solve this issue in a simple way.

Source: Malwarebytes

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