Facebook will penalize brands that ask for “likes”, “share” and other actions

Asking share, likes, tag, comment and more actions will be penalized confirmed by Facebook new algorithm update.

Facebook had already announced measures against the clickbait (basically, the practice of putting deceitful or excessively striking headlines to incite the user to click on the publications) but now it goes further and will penalize those who request users to carry out some action.

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As announced by Facebook in a post published on the social network, it will change its algorithm to penalize corporate pages that encourage users to interact with the publication.

[clickToTweet tweet=”The update will only affect the corporate pages and not all users of the social network.” quote=”The update will only affect the corporate pages and not all users of the social network.”]

For example, from now on expressions of the type will be penalized: “Give ‘like’ if this article you liked”, or “Share if …”, “Vote to win …”, “Label a friend who …”

Facebook understands that these phrases are just strategies to force user interaction and, from now on, will penalize them. That their algorithm takes them less into account means that they are shown to fewer users and, therefore, their scope is smaller.

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In addition, the corporate page will be considered by the algorithm that orders how the posts are shown to the user as less relevant and other publications could also see how their organic reach decreases.

The social network considers that the posts that include those phrases are of ” low quality ” and what they are looking for is to encourage precisely the quality contents in the feed of updates that each user sees.

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Ultimately, what is promoted is that brands create interesting and relevant content for the user and that the user is motivated to interact with him thanks to that value he brings, not because the company has to resort to tactics such as repetition continued of these phrases.

According to Facebook, the update of the algorithm will take place “in the coming weeks”. Initially, it will only affect corporate pages, so users who invite their friends to, for example, vote for a charitable cause or share content to help raise funds for someone who needs them, will not be seen, in principle affected.

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