Facebook protects its users and prohibits cryptocurrency ads

Providing security and trust to users is paramount even if it requires drastic decisions, and that’s what they think about Facebook. Here we tell you everything you want to know.

If there is something that we do not stop listening to and during the last months it is, even more, cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency. Daily we hear about some cryptocurrency that is enjoying more fame and popularity such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Monero among many others.

In the case of what we could call the cryptocurrency star for being the most popular, Bitcoin has already reached a value of $ 10,000 in the market and this figure seems to be increasing.

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Those people speak increasingly of cryptocurrency and come to understand its importance and functioning is a fact. And a giant like Facebook has taken this into account and wanted to make a statement about it, showing through “Facebook for business” that through its platform will not be allowed ads that promote the use of products and services of cryptocurrency with in order to protect its users from possible deception.

Facebook wants to protect its users from possible deception

secureDue to the cryptocurrency fever, it has been seen how a flood of new ones has begun to take advantage of the Bitcoin pull. From this giant, they have shown that they are in favor of new technologies, but their main concern is always the welfare of their users.

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Facebook wants to keep the trust that its users have deposited in the social network and for this reason, it has decided to take this drastic decision not to promote the use of cryptocurrency products and services in order to protect them. Facebook works on a policy that prohibits “deceptive” ads for its users, such as binary options, ICO or initial cryptocurrency offers.

In fact from Facebook have encouraged users to report if they perceive any ad that should be omitted by these security measures by clicking on the upper right corner of it.

Will Facebook be the only platform where they review these types of ads?

questionFrom Facebook, they will do a hard job in their application to carry out this policy, which they plan to expand through their Instagram or Audience Network platforms.

Facebook is more focusing on users security as well as trying to get more interaction and activity by reducing their profit too. Though Facebook faces several loses in their profit by reducing ads and being an interactive media for communication.

And to you, what do you think about the measures included by Facebook in order to protect the security of its users?

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