Facebook messenger secret conversations: send encryption messages

What are secret conversations on Facebook Messenger?

With the new update Facebook messenger secret conversations, it is now possible to send encrypted messages. Keep your conversations safe without any third party having access to them. This application adds to the end-to-end encryption that also used in WhatsApp and Telegram.

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This feature is called “secret conversations” and many users are already using it to ensure security in chats. Unlike, other mentioned applications, encrypted messages do not send automatically but must activate separately for each Facebook conversation.

Turn on Facebook Messenger secret conversations

To turn on the secret conversation, you have to enter Facebook Messenger application for the latest updates installed.

Now, click on your Facebook profile image in the upper right corner. Once there, scroll down to find the option of “secret conversations”. Select it and activate the option by moving the bar to the right, which will turn blue.

start secret conversation on Facebook Messenger-1

There you can also find an option to delete all the secret conversations that you have already started. Remember that doing this will delete encrypted conversations forever.

start secret conversation on Facebook Messenger-2


How to start a secret conversation on Facebook?

Though secret conversation option active, the messages you send will not encrypt. You need to proceed as below:

  • First, you must select any friend and enter your conversation.
  • Once there you must click on the “i” inside the circle that is located in the upper right corner.
  • Immediately a menu with different options will appear. You will need to select “Go to Secret Conversation“. As you do, a conventional blue color will turn into black.

send secret message on facebook messenger

When you see this black chat screen, you can start sending encrypted messages. You don’t have to worry about the intervention of third parties. The message will come from one end to the other without being able to intervene.

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