How to download Super Mario Run for iPhone

Download and install Super Mario Run for iPhone.

Nintendo’s new Super Mario Run game for iOS devices is now available; Android will have to wait until 2017. Although downloading the app is free, it is only a demo of the game, since within this comes a time when, for To be able to advance in the different worlds, it is necessary to make a payment of 9,99$.

The company of Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto (the creator of Mario Bros) and Apple bet that in the first month of availability will generate worldwide revenue of several million dollars thanks to its success. If you are a big fan of the games of the famous Italian plumber, keep reading this article from Msntechblog in which we will explain how to download Super Mario Run for iPhone.

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Instructions to download Super Mario run for iPhone:

  1. A new era has arrived for Mario Bros in the hand of Nintendo and has made the leap to mobile devices, currently only for Apple devices. This new game is already available in several countries of the world at a time, specifically in 151 countries including Spain and Mexico. It can be found in Japanese, Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Dutch. But, perhaps one of the first disadvantages that have been observed is that to be able to use it is necessary that there is an active connection to the Internet.

The form of the game is very simple since, in fact, Nintendo did not want to experiment with anything new to give when changing the platform. Therefore, the mechanics are the same that we have been able to see in the different platforms games of the plumber with a mustache for 31 years. But this time, for the protagonist to jump you must press the screen and, depending on how you do it, you will be able to do acrobatics that will allow you to get more coins or valuable objects. But not only do we find the plumber, we also see other characters known as Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Peach, and Bowser.

To download this new app and start playing this novel way with Mario and get rescue Peach from the clutches of Bowser we will have to follow these simple steps.

  1. Whether you want to know how to download Super Mario Run on iPhone or if you want to do it from another mobile device with iOs, you’ll have to start by entering the AppStore. Once there you will see that the “Featured” option in the lower menu is a section with new applications, there you will see the Super Mario Run app. But if you do not see it you will have to enter the option “Search” of the inferior menu and write the name of the app and then it will appear to you.

  2. When entering it you will have to verify that the signature is Nintendo Co., Ltd. to make sure that it is not other similar games but that they are not of the well-known plumber. In addition, you’ll also see that it says “Offer purchases within the app”. You will also find information about the app, you can see comments from other users and find other related games.

  3. To download it you will have to press the option that says “Get“. You will then be presented with the option “Install” and, when you press it, you will be prompted for your iTunes password in order to download. Once you enter it well, the application will start to download and you will see that it is filling a circle until you see a button that says “Open“.

All these options are located at the same point, as you can see in the image marked in yellow, mid-height on the right side. As soon as you press the “Open” option you will exit the AppStore and enter the new application that you have installed to start the game.

  1. Here’s how to get started with Super Mario Run, take note!

Start to play Super Mario Run on iPhone

To start, touch the screen selects our country in the list of countries that will appear to us as soon as you open the game. It will give you the option of linking an account, which you can enter at that moment or leave it for later and, in addition, you must accept the conditions that are explained in the license agreement and the privacy policy that appear on the screen.

Next, you will have to create your profile, you must put a name and later you can change this as well as the image or icon of your character. At the beginning of the game you get an invitation from Peach to go to a party that will celebrate in the castle, but on the way there you will meet with Bowser telling you that he is going to kidnap the princess.

Worlds, levels, and other game options

In this application, we will find 6 worlds and 24 levels that must be completed by having the protagonist jump through them getting objects and coins, until reaching the final flag of each screen.

There is also a challenge mode, races, in which you can compete against your friends and also a mini game, called My Kingdom, in which you can create your kingdom with the collectibles that you get as you play. Also, you have to know that in order to play this new thing it is necessary that there is an active connection to the Internet, i.e. if the connection is not good it cannot.

  1. This time, the plumber runs alone to the front, but to jump you have to press the screen. If you touch the screen once the character jumps, but if you keep your finger on the screen this will jump higher and even do acrobatics if you press several times in a row.

In addition, the protagonist jumps alone the obstacles of small height and small enemies. But to climb to high places, reach coins that are in high points, jump bigger obstacles; fight against some bigger enemy and to reach the final flag we will have to do it by clicking on it. You can also get a perfect score if you collect the coins that are distributed in some specific places in each level. Also, if you fail the game, you will reappear in a bubble so you can try again.

Now that you know all this about Super Mario Run, what are you waiting to start playing?

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