Download avast secure browser 2018 to protect your security

Avast is not just antivirus company, introducing new browser for computer focused on internet security. You can now download your new browser that takes security and privacy of the flag. Discover why it is different and how to download Avast secure browser to your computer.

We live in an era in which the privacy of data and IT security are issues that concern users, especially when surfing the web. Due to the cyber-attacks and the amount of malware that infect our computers for the collection of data like the popular ransomware, Internet browsers do not stop including improvements dedicated to this important aspect.

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The main browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge are giving special importance in these aspects and it is for this reason that it is one that they investigate the most and work to improve. For example, one of the latest innovations incorporated by Google’s browser to improve user safety is that from the Beta of browser version 67 the Site Isolation function, which causes Chrome to generate an independent process for each new window or tab in which we open a website, thus avoiding the possibility of receiving attacks, will be installed by default.

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But these browsers have left a serious competitor, Avast, known to be one of the main references in antivirus, launches its browser “Avast Secure Browser” based on the security and privacy of the data.

Meet Avast Secure Browser and its main features

As we have already mentioned, Avast is one of the main references in terms of free antivirus, in addition to offering us CCleaner, which we could classify as one of the best tools for cleaning and optimize computers with a Windows operating system.

Their stamp is security, and for this reason, they do not stay here and want to open the range of products that guarantee it. This is how Avast Secure Browser was born, the Avast browser based on Chromium and offers a plus in the privacy and security aspects when we surf the web or use social networks.

Avast secure browser features

The main features that we can highlight from the Avast browser are:

  • It’s free.
  • We can surf in a fast way and also based on the security and privacy of user data.
  • The personal data that we include in the navigation will be strongly protected by Avast security tools.
  • Remove the features that Chrome does with Google services, deactivating synchronization with Google’s cloud service or using Bing as the default search engine.
  • The code that it takes as a base (Chromium) has been modified for two purposes: Hide the step of our navigation and preserve the privacy of the user’s data as well as its anonymity.
  • It has included extensions by default to ensure security and privacy: Password manager, anti-phishing control or security layer so that extensions without our consent are not installed on our computer.

Do you want to start using Avast Secure Browser? Download it now!

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If you give importance to this aspect of navigation the proposal of Avast seems a very good alternative with much to offer us. If you want to download and use the browser already you can start by clicking on the following link and following a few simple steps below. Before you expect, you can navigate using it.


How to install Avast secure browser

Are you going to use your Avast Secure Browser? Do you think the Avast browser a serious competition for major current browsers?

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