Does using wireless charging on your mobile have negative effects?

We’ll explain about wireless charging technology pros and cons. Does wireless charging affect android and iOS phone battery performance? Find it now.

2018 will be the year of wireless charging and, except, Apple faults. Until 2017, the apple company has revealed what method it will use to charge iPhone, the Qi charge. If you stop to see the mobile trends for 2018, you will understand that wireless charging should be one of them.

Samsung patents a wireless charger that works remotely

This wireless charging standard will give the green light to all manufacturers of chargers to start sending chips loaded Qi will be available in cars, cafes, etc. Well, although it was not the known standard that Apple would use this technology, the Qi charging was already a very common standard in some places.

wireless charging pros cons

Is it harmful to charge the phone with a wireless charger?

Just as people wonder if it is advisable to leave the mobile charging throughout the night, with the wireless charge a new doubt arises. Is the wireless charge harmful to our mobile?

To develop an answer we have to put you in context and explain a bit how it works. Battery charging has evolved a lot and it is now possible to detect when a battery is 100% charged (thanks to BMS systems) to cut the connection, although the electronics used in wireless methods could accelerate cell stress and accelerate its degradation.


This is something we have said many times, the ideal would be to keep the battery between 30 and 70% but often this range is something that would not reach us even by mid-day.

Why my iPhone does not charge battery – Troubleshooting

The damage of the complete loads has been reduced more and more although; the higher the state of charge, the faster the electrolyte is damaged. That is, it is not enough just to keep the mobile below the full load but it is interesting to cover the loading and unloading cycles to avoid faster degradation than usual.

Wireless charging accelerates its degradation, but not much

Even though the technology has improved a lot, there are many factors that influence the early degradation of the battery and knowing if wireless charging is going to be one of them is complicated. What we do know is that leaving your mobile charging completely at a wireless charging station could help to quickly degrade the battery but we do not know how much.

My phone gets hot and drains battery : possible reasons and solutions

The manufacturers create batteries that can withstand, without problems, cycles of loading and unload for 2 or 3 years although, if you have very bad habits, you can get to damage the battery before that time. If you are one of those who changes mobile every year or every 2 years you should not worry but if you want the battery to last until 2 or 3 years, you should take care of the load habits much more or resort to a replacement after one year and means to enjoy the original autonomy.

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