How to delete unread WhatsApp message : 3 ways

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Delete unread WhatsApp message in three different ways.

You can delete unread WhatsApp message which you just send to your contacts. We’ve all gone through the situation of sending a WhatsApp message by mistake to someone we did not want: either sending a spicy photo to the family group, writing something we have regretted or telling something to whom you should not.

Surely at that moment, you wish you could go back in time and avoid sending that message.

Instructions to delete unread WhatsApp messages you just send:
First method to delete just send unread WhatsApp messages
Second method to delete unread WhatsApp messages
Last method to delete unread WhatsApp messages
Summary of deleting unread WhatsApp messages
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The truth is that there are already some tricks to delete a message from WhatsApp before the person reads it, which will then explain, but the big news comes now: the new version of this application will allow you to delete the messages you want, disappearing both from your mobile and from the other person.

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Keep reading this article from MSNTECHBLOG and you will discover how to delete unread WhatsApp message.

Instructions to delete unread WhatsApp messages you just send:

First method to delete just send unread WhatsApp messages

We bring good news, something long awaited for a long time. As it has been leaked, the trial version of the latest WhatsApp update, allows you to delete unread WhatsApp messages.

Here’s what you should do to access this new functionality once you have downloaded this new version:

  • Make sure the message you want to delete is only one ticked, i.e. it has been received by the other person but has not been read.
  • Click on the message you want to delete.
  • On the screen you will see different options, you must choose “delete” to prevent the other person from reading it.
  • Even though the other person will not be able to read the message you sent to them, they will notice that you have deleted a message.

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At the moment this trial version is only available for iOS and there is no date announced for its official release.

But quiet, before it appears we still have some tricks to remove a WhatsApp message sent in error. Here we explain in detail to you.

Second method to delete unread WhatsApp messages

Before this latest update arrives, many users of this famous messaging application have filled the Internet with many tricks to erase a message before they read it.

One of the ones that you can use is to block the person before they read the message, then we explain it to you:

  • Make sure the message has been received but has not been read by the other person. To know this you should notice if the two blue ticks appear, if they do not go out blue is that the person has not read it.
  • To do this you must go to that person’s chat and click on the top right of the screen, an icon in which three vertical points come out.
  • It will open a tab with different options, you should give the option “more” and there you will find the “block” option.
  • Once that person has blocked, he will never be able to receive that message.

The problem with this option is that you must keep that person locked for at least 30 days. The fact is that WhatsApp servers save messages that have not been sent for 30 days, and if you unlock that person before that time will receive the message.

Therefore, if you want to stay in touch via WhatsApp with that person is not a recommended option.

second method to delete unread whatsapp messages

Last method to delete unread WhatsApp messages

The next trick to delete a WhatsApp message that has not been read requires some speed and expertise, but it is perfect for those who realise that they have made a mistake right at the time of sending the message.

We tell you to step by step what you must do:

  • Make sure the message appears on the message, the icon indicating that the message has not yet left your phone.
  • Disconnect data from the Internet, Wi-Fi and any possible connection.
  • Return to the WhatsApp conversation where the message you want to delete is and keep that message pressed.
  • At the top of the screen you will see, among other icons, a trash can, you must click on that option.
  • You will get a message asking if you are sure you want to delete that message; Give “yes”.
  • Once removed you can reconnect the use of Internet data or the connection you had when you recover the connection your message will no longer appear because it will never be sent.

last method to delete unread whatsapp message

Summary of deleting unread WhatsApp messages

It is important that you know that you are currently able to delete a message, received the other person or not, read it or not.

Of course, the problem is that deleting that message only deletes it from your phone and your conversation, but you can not delete the WhatsApp message from another phone or the conversation of the other person.

Therefore, its usefulness is very little, unless you are looking for deleting the message is to forget something you have said or free space in the memory of your smartphone.

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