How to delete Pokemon Go account – Erase permanently

Are you tired of playing Pokemon Go games and looking for a way to delete Pokemon Go account forever? This guide shows two methods to permanently erase your Pokemon Go account so that you can never ever be able to play this game anymore.

There is practically no one who does not play Pokémon Go, although there are always exceptions and there are still many who avoid it. If you are one of the first and at some point, you want to remove Pokémon Go from your phone we will show you how to remove the Pokemon Go account.

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Pokémon Go is in fashion right now and will continue to be a long time, although it is possible that there comes a time when you get bored and do not want to know anything about it. By then you should know that can you delete your Pokemon Go account forever or not.

Irreversible decision

The decision to delete your Pokémon Go account is totally irreversible and has no going back, so when you want to get rid of this game you can do so by deleting the account.

Apart from the above, you must also bear in mind that if in the future you want to install and play Pokémon Go with your old account you will not be able to use it since it will not be possible to use the same nickname that you used or used before deleting the account.

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How to delete your Pokemon Go account?

Deleting the Pokémon Go account is a simple process since you only need to fill in a series of data in a form and then send them so that those responsible for the game can review the request.

  • Visit this link: Deleting Pokemon Go Account,
  • Click on “this form” link within the article,
  • You just need to indicate an email,
  • Your trainer nickname,
  • Mark a series of boxes where you authorize and know that the process is irreversible and other details,
  • A small description of why you want to delete your account,
  • Device type on which platform you’re using Pokemon Go,
  • Now perform security check-up “I’m not a robot” and click on Submit button.

delete pokemon go account

From the moment you send the request to delete the Pokémon Go account until it becomes effective you will wait a couple of weeks until the process is completed and therefore your account will be permanently deleted.

Do you think that in the future you will delete your Pokémon Go account?

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