How to delete Badoo account on iPhone, Android App, PC

Read 6 killer ways to delete Badoo account permanently. You can do delete it using Android, iPhone Badoo app or even with Computer from Badoo website.

Badoo social network that is thought to meet people and to be able to initiate a loving or sentimental relationship has many users who get in the network to find their new love.

But you may tired of fake Badoo accounts or you may be lucky to get a partner. It is normal that the next step you want to do is to delete and stop being active in this contacts page.

Whatever the reason is, you decided to unsubscribe from Badoo and determined to delete Badoo account forever. Before deleting your Badoo account, i would recommend you to delete all your photos uploaded to Badoo. It will completely erase you from this platform.

Don’t know how to wants to get rid of this dating social network! MSNTECHBLOG will shows you 6 ways step by step with images to achieve your goal fast and easy, thus, disappear forever from Badoo platform.

Select platform where you want to delete Badoo account:

Requirements to delete your Badoo account

[Update 2020] You can delete your Badoo account whenever you want. Even if the account is either verified or not verified and also on any platform – mobile app or PC.

If you connect to Badoo from the mobile then you should know that from the app it is NOT possible to delete the account, therefore, you will not get the option “Setting> Delete account/page”. To do so, you must always connect to the web version and follow the steps that we have indicated.

Requirements to delete Badoo account using App:

  • A smartphone – Android or iPhone, requires latest version Badoo app.
  • Active Internet Connection

Requirements to delete Badoo account using computer:

  • Computer
  • Internet Browser Software
  • Active Internet Connection

How to delete Badoo account on App?

As Badoo is a dating social network, it requires ease of access. Most of the people are now spending time on various dating and social platform using various smartphones. That’s why social networks are more focused on apps rather than web platform. Though Badoo is not among the top 5 harmful social networks, it dangerous because peoples get addicted to it easily.

Majority of Badoo user use this dating social network from mobile apps too. Not only Badoo mobile app version is more user-friendly, but also it provides a flexible interface.

As most of us created Badoo account using mobile apps, we can absolutely delete Badoo account on App too.

Yes, definitely you can delete Badoo account from Android and iPhone Badoo Apps.

Badoo Android App has slightly different user interface than Badoo iPhone app. That’s why I will demonstrate separately for Android and iPhone platform to delete your Badoo account.

How to delete Badoo account on iPhone?

To delete Badoo account on iPhone, you need to have iPhone with Badoo apps, and active internet connection. After satisfying these two prerequisites, you are ready to delete Baddo account.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Deleting Badoo account on iPhone app is the easiest way rather than deleting on computer. With iPhone app, Badoo account will be deleted permanently with 9 simple steps. Let’s do so!

  1. Open Badoo iPhone App

    Unlock your iPhone. Slide through launcher to find Badoo app icon. Tap to open the app.
    Badoo iPhone App Icon

  2. Badoo Login

    Login to Badoo using your Email/Phone Number and Password credentials of that account which you want to delete.

    You can login using any preferential method like, Gmail auto login or Facebook login, or facial recognition by iPhone.

    Note: I also explained in the last part of this article on how to delete your Badoo account without login.

    Login Badoo iPhone App

  3. Open Badoo Profile

    Inside Badoo news feed, click on the profile icon located at bottom right corner.
    Badoo Profile Icon on iPhone

  4. Open Badoo Account Setting

    Now you need to find standard Gear Icon represent setting located at top left corner. Tap to access Badoo setting page.
    Badoo Setting on iPhone App

  5. Find Account ID

    During the sign-up to Badoo account, you must entered necessary email id or phone number. You must find that email id or phone number within Account Setting on iPhone. Click on it.
    Badoo Account Setting on iPhone

  6. Delete Badoo Account Link

    Smoothly scroll down to find Delete Account link which is displayed as grey colour. Click on it.
    Badoo Delete Account on iPhone

  7. Select Delete Option

    Here you have some choices on your Badoo iPhone app. Select the Delete your account option and press Continue button delete your Badoo account forever.
    Confirm Delete Badoo Account on iPhone

  8. Reconfirm to delete Badoo Account

    No ones want’s to kill goose who laid golden egg, except the foolish farmer. Badoo also don’t want to lose it’s users. That’s why you need to re-confirm again to delete your account.
    Reconfirm to delete Badoo account

  9. Badoo Delete Account Button

    Now you need to tell the reason to left Badoo. Select any option as a feedback.

    Badoo may ask several feedback based on your selection. Each time you need to select an option and press the continue button. Press on the Delete Account red button.
    Final Button to Delete Badoo Account

Above are the 9 steps you need to do in order to delete your Badoo account on iPhone app. In summary,

Open App>>Sign In>>Profile Page>>Setting>>Account>>Delete Account>>Chose>>Continue>>No, Delete My Account >> Delete Account.

How to delete Badoo account on Android?

You need have Android Phone having installed Badoo app and active internet connection. Once you have those, proceed further to delete your Badoo account.

Your Badoo account will be permanently deleted by simply following 9 steps within Badoo Android App. Let’s start!

Unlock your Android Phone to find Badoo app. Tap to open the app.

Badoo Android App Icon

Enter email/phone number and password credential of that Badoo account which you want to delete.

Badoo Sign-In Android App

If you created account by Gmail auto login or Facebook login, select that instead.

Note: I also explained in the last part of this article on how to delete your Badoo account without login.

Inside Badoo news feed, click on the profile icon located at bottom right corner.

Image of Badoo Profile Icon

Click on the gear icon located at top left corner to access Badoo setting page.

Badoo Account Setting Icon

At the moment of signing to Badoo, you must entered necessary email id/phone number. Surely you will find that email id/phone number within Account Setting. Click on it.

Badoo Registered Email Account

Finally, you reach delete option within Badoo Android app. Smoothly Scroll down to find out Delete Account link which is displayed as grey colour.

Delete Badoo Account Option

Last but not least, you need to choose among different delete account options. Select the Delete your account option and press Continue button to permanently delete your Badoo account.

Confirm Badoo Delete Account on Android

You need to reconfirm again by clicking the “No, Delete My Account” link at bottom of the window.

Reconfirm to delete Badoo account

Now you will be taken to last window in Badoo Android App to delete your account. Give feedback to Badoo and then click on the “Delete Account” red button to permanently delete your account.

Final Button to Delete Badoo Account

Deleting Badoo account on Android app is similar like iPhone app. Just you need to find out those icons with similar functionalities, but may locate in a different position.

In this other article, we tell you How to permanently delete all your Badoo photos.

How to delete Badoo account on computer?

You can also delete Badoo account on computer. For long time, this was the only method to delete your Badoo account. Now you can do it in several ways.

If you have Badoo older version app installed on your Android or iPhone, computer method will only works. Alternatively you can also update your Badoo apps and follow mobile method too.

Though mobile app is the most convenient way to delete Badoo account, computer is the best option, if you have older version of Badoo apps. It will take almost 10 steps:

Open your computer and best internet browser software. Visit Badoo website and Click on the Sign In button.

Badoo Web Login from Computer

A sign in page will appear. Login to your Badoo account with Email/Phone number and password credentials.

In case you have forgotten your password, simply click on the Forgot your password option.

Here, you will have to enter your email address so that they can send you an email with password recovery link. With that link, you can reset your old password and set a new password.

Login Badoo Website from PC

After successful login, you need find your profile picture and user name at the top left corner. Click on that link to access Badoo Web profile.

Badoo Web Profile Icon

At the top right corner of Badoo website, you will find Badoo Setting option represented by Gear icon. Open it.

Badoo Webpage Setting Icon

A different window will open with different options. Smoothly scroll down to the bottom of the page, then you will find Badoo Delete Account link. Click here.

Find Delete Badoo Account Link on Web

A new pop-up list will appear with several options. You need to choose the option you preferred. As you want to permanently delete Badoo account, you must select Delete Your Account Option.

Select Badoo Delete Option

After selecting proper delete option, you need to click on Continue button to permanently delete Badoo account on Web.

Badoo may ask you if you are sure that you want to carry out this action, you must accept this message and, thus, you can delete your account.

Delete Badoo Account from Computer

Now Badoo will ask feedback about the reason to leave. You some predefined feedback or type your customised feedback. Then click the Continue link.

According to your fast feedback, Badoo may ask several related feedback to precisely identify the reason to leave. Just you need to select and press continue link.

Submit Feedback To Badoo

Badoo is just like sticky glue, don’t want to go away. Now they will offer you free premium trail version before leaving their platform. You need to come over that trap.

Click on “Delete my account“.

Last but not least, you need to enter your password and fill up the captcha. Finally, click on the “Delete my Account” link to permanently delete Badoo account on Web.

Delete my account link

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How to delete Badoo account without logging in?

Until now all the method we discussed require login to Badoo at first. There is also another way to delete Badoo account without logging in. Without logging method will take longer time.

You don’t need to do anything. Just sign-out of the Badoo.

Do not login to your profile for 3 months.

When the system of this social network detects an inactive user for a certain time, it deletes by their account. Thus, Badoo can keep real active users that interact with other users.

How to contact Badoo to delete account?

Are you overwhelmed about those method discussed in this article? If you don’t want to follow up those instructions, but want to delete your Badoo account, you can directly contact Badoo official support.

If you have more doubts about it, you can contact Badoo directly.

Bodoo officials will ask several questions to identify that you are the user of that account. You need to help them providing truthful exact information.

If Badoo official are satisfied your answer, they will accept your request to delete your account.

In case you forgot your username and password, direct contact method will help you a lot.

When Badoo will delete my account?

You should note that whichever method you performed to delete your Badoo account, your profile may not removed instantly. Just you have done is like deactivating your account, that is, you have not yet completely eliminated yourself.

After a while, you may regret it and want to reactivate it. That’s why Badoo leaves you a margin of 30 days with the account disabled before proceeding to complete elimination.


During those 30 days, there is the possibility to recover your account and to have the same data, the same contacts, photographs, messages, and so on.

But if, after this deadline, you do not re-enter your profile, then your account will be completely deleted.

MsnTechBlog Recommendation:

I have discussed several different ways to delete your Badoo account: Using Android or iPhone App, PC, Without Logging-in as well as provide direct contact URL of Badoo.

You need to decide which method is suitable for you. My recommendation is to start with a single method and try other if it fails.

By the way, the best way to delete Badoo account is using PC. In case you have an older version application installed on your mobile, app method may not work for you.

Whether the PC method will surely work for you in any case.

If you want to read more similar articles like “How to delete Badoo account permanently“, we recommend you to enter our Badoo category.

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