How to create new secret chat on Telegram

Create telegram secret chat on Android and iPhone.

Telegram, best apps for secret chat, has an appearance and functionality very similar to Whatsapp but also has unique options that represent a competitive advantage with the rest of instant messaging services like telegram secret chat, self destruct message, etc. This is the case of secret chats, a feature that allows you to increase the security of your conversations. It is noteworthy that the images that you will see in this article of Msntechblog which correspond to an Android phone, but the truth is that the procedure is very similar to the rest of smartphones. Discover here how to create a secret chat on Telegram.

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Instructions to start telegram private chat:

1.- The first thing you need to do to start a secret chat on Telegram will be to enter this application from your smartphone. Once there, you will have to click on the three vertical bars that you will find on the left in the top menu and, once there, opt for “New secret chat”.

Access telegram secret chat

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2.- Then, to start a secret chat in Telegram you must select the contact with whom you want to establish a secret conversation. You can choose it directly or search among all those who have the application installed, through the icon of the magnifying glass.

3.- Once you have chosen the contact, you will have to wait for it to connect in order to start the secret Telegram chat. In the meantime, the characteristics of these chats will appear on the screen of your mobile phone:

  • Mobile-to-mobile encryption

  • No trace on Telegram servers

  • Option to self-destruct messages

  • No forwarding of messages

Once your contact is online, you can start sending him messages through the secret Telegram chat. Apparently, it will be just like any other conversation through this instant messaging application.

4.- To activate self-destruct messages from Telegram that will prevent a visible trace of the conversation, you will have to go to the icon of three vertical dots that you will see besides the contact name at the top of the secret chat. From drop down list select “Set self-destruct timer“. Then you can choose the length of time the messages will last before they destroy themselves.

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5.- The moment you have activated self-destruct, you will see how that time interval is reflected within the contact profile picture and will be indicated at the end of the secret chat of Telegram.

In this way, messages that you send by a secret chat with self-destruct activated will disappear automatically after the selected time. This way, there will be no option for anyone else to read your messages and it will be a totally secret chat. You can disable this option at any time, just as we have activated it.

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