How to create Instagram account on PC quickly 2018

The proven method to create an Instagram account on PC you need to know.

Previously, sign up button was not available in the Instagram web page. Because Instagram didn’t allow to create a new account on PC, though you could do that by following our previous trick, which is now obsolete. With the latest update, you can authentically create an Instagram account on PC, no worries.

Everyone talks about Instagram, everyone is in the photos app with filters, they fill the social networks of their images and they pressure you to join. And you have decided to do it, but it gives you laziness to open the account from the mobile or just right now you do not have it by hand.

Requirements to sign up Instagram on the Computer
1. Create Instagram Account on PC - Update 2018
   1.1 Using Facebook Account
   1.2 Using Email or Mobile No
2. Oldest method to sign up on Instagram from the computer
   2.1 Create a Suitable environment to install Instagram on Computer
   2.2 Download Simulation software and install
   2.3 Open BlueStack to install Instagram on the computer
   2.4 Download Instagram .apk file
   2.5 Install and open the Instagram app on the Computer
   2.6 Instagram Sign Up on the computer
   2.7 Set up information and Open Instagram Account on Computer
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You can do it from your PC, but on the Instagram page, you cannot find how to do it. Can it? Of course. From MSNTECHBLOG we explain step by step how to Create a new account on Instagram Sign up on your computer.

Requirements to sign up Instagram on the Computer:

  1. A personal computer.
  2. Internet connection.
  3. Basic experience of surfing the internet.

If you are a fan of this social network, surely you will love this application on your computer. So do not hesitate further, read our guide and follow all steps accordingly to install it on your PC.

Create Instagram account on PC – update 2018

Creating new Instagram account on PC is a very straightforward job. Just you need to have basic experience of signing up various social media website. Don’t panic! I will describe in details:

Visit Instagram Webpage

Turn on your desktop computer having internet connector on. Then you need to open an Internet Browser, Learn about the fastest browser of 2018, and visit below URL:

Instagram Website URL

img how to use instagram on a pc- sign in page
Instagram HomePage

Enter Sign Up Details

Here you will find two different Sign Up options: Sign Up using the Facebook account or Manually Entering required information.

Create an Instagram Account using Facebook Account:

You have to log in to Facebook account to use this option. This method allows Instagram to access your Facebook profile information and other private information. So be conscious!

  • First, log in to Facebook and then visit the Instagram web page.
  • Now you need to click on the button “Log in with Facebook” which will redirect you to the Facebook authentication page.
  • Here you need to allow Instagram apps to access Facebook profile information by clicking the Next button.

Instagram Facebook Permission

  • Instagram will get your Email, Full Name, and other information directly from the Facebook profile. You just need to insert the desired username and password for your Instagram account.

Create Instagram Account on PC

  • Finally, click on the Sign-Up button to create Instagram account on PC using the Facebook method.

Create an Instagram Account using Email or Mobile number:

You have more control over manual sign up method. I prefer this method most.

  • Within Instagram homepage, you need type all necessary information: Mobile or Email, Full Name, Instagram User Name, and Password within the input boxes.
  • Then you need to click on the Sign-Up button.

Instagram Sign Up PC

  • Instagram will send a confirmation email which you need to verify by clicking the link inside that email.
  • If you prefer Sign-Up using mobile no, Instagram may text a verification code to that mobile number.
  • You need to type that number inside the verification box and click verify.
  • That’s all!

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Oldest method to sign up on Instagram on computer:

You should try the latest method discussed above for faster signing up on Instagram. No need to do additional steps.

Before proceeding further, I want to tell my visitors that opening an account of Instagram in your computer requires downloading and installing several programs.

Besides these difficulties, it is very interesting to have this popular application on your PC without the requirement of connecting on your mobile phone.

Creating Android Environment on Computer

I described earlier that Instagram is not available to use (last version update on 2017) from the computer, so to create an Instagram account from the computer; you need to create a virtual Android phone on your computer.

To do this, it is necessary to download Bluestacks, a program that simulates an Android environment on the PC. To get this simulation software, go to to download and install it on your computer.

Download Simulation software and Install

Within android simulation software BlueStack website, You will see big buttons there within it written as “Download“.

Click on the download button, it will decide automatically which computer OS you are using and the download will start in a moment.

Now follow the instructions accordingly to install the program on your computer.

Open BlueStack to install Instagram on PC

Once the installation completed, open Bluestacks by double-clicking on the program icon on the desktop monitor or find it in the applications folder and wait for few seconds to load the program completely.

Download Instagram .apk File

The moment has come to download the Instagram Android app (.apk file) on your computer.

You can find it easily from the web: and then type “Instagram” in the search bar and click on “Download” the file name with Instagram.apk file.

Remember you must download a file with .apk extension.

Install and open the Instagram app on the Computer

Go to the download folder to find out the Instagram .apk file.

Double-click on the .apk file, It will be installed automatically in Bluestacks and will appear in your library.

Find “Instagram” in the search engine of Bluestacks and double click on its icon.

You’ve finally opened the Instagram app on your computer!

Sign Up to Instagram

In the Instagram app opening interface on your computer, two different options will appear:

Log in, for that user who already has an active Instagram account;

And Instagram Sign up to open a new account.

Select the last one to sign up Instagram on your computer.

Set up information and Open Instagram Account on Computer

Finally, fill in all the required fields that you are being asked to register a new account for Instagram, choose a profile photo that suits you.

Check all the information and then click on the big green “Sign Up” button.

Well done!  You have just created a new Instagram account sign up from your computer!

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Do you know how to use Instagram from your computer? Here I describe all the necessary guideline for you to efficiently use Instagram on PC.

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