The countries that you can travel to buy the cheapest iPhone X


The country where the iPhone X prices is lowest.

The price of iPhone X varies greatly from country to country. The new cheapest iPhone in the world will be sold at 886 euros and the most expensive around 1234 euros – 47% more.

The iPhone X has given a lot to talk about since Apple introduced it in its 2017 keynote. That yes, not only they have commented the novelties that bring, like the facial recognition, OLED screen or the curious Animo JIS; its high price is also on everyone’s lips, being the most expensive iPhone in Apple’s history.

Price of iPhone X in Spain

The price of the iPhone X in Spain is 1159 euros – 1329 euros if you want the model with 256 GB of internal storage. But it does not cost the same around the world; in some countries, the iPhone X is cheaper.

In fact, Spain is the most expensive countries to buy an iPhone X. It is especially shocking to compare its price with the minimum wage, which this year is 825.65 euros. This implies that a Spaniard who covers the minimum wage would have to work 42 days to pay for the new phone.

Cheapest country to buy iPhone X worldwide

The cheapest country to buy the iPhone X is the United States, specifically in Chicago, where it is priced at 886 euros; is followed by New York (908 euros) and Los Angeles (910 euros). Outside the US, the cheapest iPhone X is sold in Hong Kong for 918 euros, followed by Tokyo, 919 euros. In the United Arab Emirates, the iPhone X also costs less than 1,000 euros: 932 euros.

Cheapest European country to buy iPhone X

The cheapest European countries to buy the iPhone X is Switzerland (1,043 euros), United Kingdom (1,107 euros) and Germany (1,149 euros). In France, Ireland and Italy it is more expensive; in the latter, it reaches 1,189 euros. That yes, the most expensive country to buy an iPhone X seems to be Hungary, where the 64 GB model costs around 1234 euros, 47% more than in the US.

The trip to Chicago would undoubtedly be more expensive than buying the iPhone X in Spain, but you take an iPhone and a visit to the US. Or who knows maybe you’re in luck and have planned a trip to Hong Kong over Christmas.

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