How to close an unresponsive tab in Google Chrome – 2 ways

Surely more than one occasion you have encountered the nasty surprise that a Google Chrome browser tab does not respond (unresponsive tab) and, this one, is not loaded completely or simply the animations – or scrolls that are made with the mouse – do not they execute.

Well, it is possible to individually close each one of the open ones and, therefore, do not have to do the same with the application completely.

The fact is that if you find yourself in the situation where you have a tab in Google Chrome that does not respond and you do not want to lose the information of the others that you have open, you should know that this is completely possible in the browser of the company of Mountain View.

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Close unresponsive tabs in Google Chrome – Method one

Obviously, the first thing is to be clear which of the tabs that you have open in the browser is the one that does not respond, it is not going to be that by mistake in the closing steps the one that is not. To do this, locate and confirm the name you have at the top of Google Chrome to be able to identify it later. Now, you have to do the following:

  • Search at the top of Google Chrome, on the right, an icon with three vertical points and click on it
  • A menu appears in which you must locate the nominated option More tools and, in all the existing possibilities, open Google Chrome Task Manager

close unresponsive google chrome tabs

  • This is similar to Windows itself, but only for what is working in Google Chrome. Therefore, with its use, it is possible that you do not have to close the application and only do it off the tab in question
  • A window appears on the screen where all active processes are viewed in the browser and you should locate the unresponsive tab. Select it with the mouse
  • Once it is illuminated with another color, simply click on the bottom button called End process


You will have finished and, if possible, Google Chrome itself will automatically close the unresponsive tab. This, by the way, also serves to stop the extensions that in a timely manner do not work well and are hampering the usual operation of the product of the Mountain View company.

How to force Google Chrome browser to close unresponsive tab completely – Method 2

This is very much similar to closing a program using windows task manager in desktop computer. This process will completely close all the tabs in your Google Chrome browser. So, everything you’ve opened in your browser will vanished. To do so, follow the process below:

  1. Minimize all the browser.
  2. Now, press Alt+Ctrl+Delete button at a time on your computer keyboard.
  3. Instantly, computer will prompt a new window having several options.
  4. Find “Start Task Manager” and click on it.
  5. Within Task Manager, you will see list of programs running under “Applications” tab.
  6. Now, find and click “Google Chrome” browser icon to select it.
  7. Finally, click on “End Task” to close Google Chrome browser completely.

Hope you’ll try both of the mentioned method to close unresponsive Google Chrome browser. But i prefer the first method more as it will only close one tab. Thus, if you have opened multiple tabs, rest of the tabs will not be affected. Share your opinion about both method in comment section and also don’t forget to share with your friends.

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