Chrome error: Administrator has disabled updates – 2 method

fix administrator disabled error

How to fix the Google Chrome error The administrator has disabled the updates returning to their default values ​​and using the registry editor.

Google Chrome is one of the most used and fastest secure web browsers that millions of users use around the world. Simple updates, consumption of resources and regular software updates are some of the features that make the Google Chrome web browser one of the preferred by millions of users.

We can see that Google releases updates for the Chrome web browser in some situations to ensure that all errors and vulnerabilities are corrected and a safe web browsing experience is delivered. On several occasions, the error message “Updates are disabled by the administrator” appears in Chrome and the Google Chrome browser cannot be updated completely.

The frequent use of Google Chrome allows us to observe other types of errors displayed during its update or use such as:

  • An error occurred while checking for updates
  • Update check failed to start
  • An error occurred while checking for updates
  • Download error, etc.

All these errors associated with the Chrome browser and Google Chrome updates are disabled due to the administrator’s error. That is why this time MsnTechBlog will give advice on how we can eliminate this error correctly and thus update our browser successfully.

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Google Chrome updates are disabled by the administrator error on Windows 10 computers, and we can perform previous actions such as:

  • Restart the system
  • Delete programs (such as BrowseFox, SearchProtect, PullUpdate, SmartBar etc.) which have the ability to change the configuration and cause problems in the browser
  • Detect malware and check settings for antivirus, firewall or parental controls.

If all these configurations have been checked and we still have this error in mind, we can use some of the MsnTechBlog solutions.

Restore Google Chrome to its default values – First method

Resetting Google Chrome to the default settings is the easiest and most practical way to resolve the error. Google Chrome updates are disabled by the administrator.

Step 1

To reset Google Chrome to its default value, click on the three vertical dots icon and in the options displayed select “Settings“:

find google chrome setting

Step 2

In the new window, we will go to the bottom and select the line “Advanced” setting:

access advance setting

Step 3

In the new options displayed, go back to the bottom and click on the option “Reset“:

reset google chrome browser

Step 4

The following message will be displayed: Click on the “Reset” button to continue the process.

confirm chrome reset

This action will restore Chrome’s default settings and correct Google Chrome updates that are disabled by the administrator error in the Windows 10 operating system.

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Fix error in Google Chrome using the record editor – Second method

Step 1

The registry editor of Windows 10 is another of the alternatives that we have to remove this error from the administrator and be able to update Google Chrome correctly.

For this we will use the following key combination: + R . In the displayed window, execute the regedit command, press “Enter” or “Ok“.

access windows registry keyIn the window that will be opened we go the following route:


find google chrome update

Step 2

There we must right-click on the Default file located on the right side and select “Modify“.

modify default key

Step 3

In the Value data field set the value 1. Click on “OK” to save the changes.

set value


Step 4

Once all these changes have been made, we can close the registry editor window and then try to open the Google Chrome web browser. This time, the error of the updates in Google Chrome in Windows 10 should be corrected.

solve chrome administrator disable update error

It will be that easy to solve an error of this type in the Google Chrome browser by restoring it to its default state or through the registry editor.

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