How to check IMEI on iPhone, Android, and mobile phone

Before starting to find out how to check IMEI code, you should be curious what is it. Thus i’m going to discuss about what is an IMEI code and it’s necessity, then will discuss how to check IMEI of any mobiles.

What is an IMEI?

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) code is a pre-recorded code in each terminal and its main function is to identify the mobiles worldwide. We could say that the IMEI code fulfills the same function as the identity documents in the people, they identify and register them to be able to maintain a control. In most cases this code consists of 15 figures.

It is important to know the code to be able to make use of the various utilities that it has. Once we know the IMEI code of our mobile it would be important to have it written down in a safe place.

Why should you know IMEI no of your mobile phone?

In case someone stole our cell phone we could get in touch with our telephone operator to block it and at least to make it worthless to steal mobile as it would be unusable for thieves. Again, IMEI code will be helpful, if you get a lost phone and want to find it’s user to return back.

Even more useful is to use our IMEI code to free our mobile. Generally, it is the telephony operators that provide the mobiles, but these mobiles are configured to work only with SIM cards of that operator. Once the time of permanence stipulated in our contract has finished we can make them facilitate the way to release the mobile. In those cases, we will be asked for the IMEI code of our mobile and we can release it.

IMEI of mobile phones

Instruction to check IMEI code of iPhone, Android, and any mobile phones

If you need to know the IMEI code of your cell phone but you do not know how to do it in the following article of MsnTechBlog we will explain step by step how to know the IMEI code of your mobile.

Also, if your phone is Apple we also have answers for you, in the last step of this article, we explain how to check IMEI of iPhone.

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How to check iPhone IMEI?

If you have an iPhone and want to know the IMEI in the image you can see the steps to follow, but follow these indications:

  • Open the “About” screen of your device, go to SettingsGeneral and then About the Home screen.
  • Scroll down a bit and you get to see the IMEI and the serial number

In the following article of MsnTechBlog, we explained how to change the IMEI of an iPhone 4 in a few simple steps.

how to check IMEI of iPhone 4

How to check IMEI on android phone?

You can check android IMEI in two different ways – dialing special IMEI code and check IMEI from Android phone settings.

Checking android phone IMEI by dialing code

Finding out what the IMEI code of our android phone is really simple. The first form is by means of the following combination of keys that we will make in our Android phone: *#06# and immediately we will be shown on the screen the figures of our IMEI code.

Checking android IMEI from settings option

  • Go to Android phone settings by tapping on the “Gear” icon.
  • Scroll down until you find “About Phone” where you will get various information of your phone.
  • Tap on “About Phone” and find “IMEI”, where you will get two IMEI code of your phone.

How to check mobile phone IMEI?

Two methods to check mobile phone IMEI, except iPhone and Android Phone. You can check t mobile and Nokia feature phone IMEI code by following below method:

Dialing secret IMEI code

Similar to an Android phone, you can find out IMEI code simply by dialing IMEI secret numbers *#06# . Go to mobile phone dialed and then type that code. Immediately two IMEI no will be displayed on your mobile screen.

Open back cover to get feature phone IMEI code

Another way to know the IMEI code of our mobile phone is by looking at the surface of the mobile phone underneath the battery. So first we must remove the battery and look in the place of the mobile where it was until locating a series of stickers. We will read carefully until you find the IMEI code.

If you want to know specifically how to achieve it with yours, in Doctor SIM can help you get the IMEI code and unlock a long list of phones such as Blackberry, iPhone or LG, but note that it may not be free.

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