How to charge my iPhone battery faster – 5 Tips

Top 5 tips to rapidly charge your iPhone battery

Who has never met a person complaining about the poor durability of their iPhone battery? If we have already seen how we could improve the battery of our smartphone, in this article we will explain some tips and tricks that will charge your iPhone battery faster when you can not wait more… Read on!

Requirements to rapidly charge your iPhone battery:

  • An iPhone
  • USB or Wall Charger for Apple

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Instructions to charge your iPhone battery in the faster way:

  1. Turn your iPhone off while charging the battery; by not using it in any way the procedure will be much faster.
  2. If you do not want to turn off your iPhone while charging, we suggest the ‘airplane mode‘ so that your mobile phone somehow rests while charging (i.e. it will not look for Wi-Fi, will not use 3G, etc.).
  3. Just plug into the current supply; If you do not have a charger, you can purchase it on the Internet – it is proven that charging with it is not only faster but also lasts longer.
  4. The battery discharges quickly in extreme temperatures; That is, avoid hot spots and put it in a “cool” environment for the iPhone to increase its battery durability.
  5. Accelerate the USB charging – if it is the only option you have; so do not synchronize the iPhone at the same time and eliminate all USB devices that have more pulling power on the computer than your smartphone.

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