How to change WhatsApp background wallpaper on iPhone and Android

Do you use WhatsApp and have you got bored of the classic background wallpaper of the chats? You’re in the right place because we’ll show you the steps to change WhatsApp background wallpaper quickly for another, whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone.

In both cases, you can change background of all WhatsApp chats, although there is also the possibility of having a different background for each conversation you have open. It’s a simple and fast process that takes only seconds.

There is a wide variety of wallpaper available, both those offered by the app and many others that we will show you below. In fact, new ones are added from time to time in certain updates of WhatsApp, although they do not do it very often.

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As there is the possibility of changing your profile picture for another one whenever you want while it is not a very specific image, you can also change the background as many times as you decide and even return the original background if you do not like those that have been trying.

How to change WhatsApp background on Android?

Do you have an Android phone? If so, the process is also very simple, although unlike WhatsApp for iOS, in Android you can change the WhatsApp background for all the chats or for some specific conversations. Do the following:

  • In the chats tab, click on the vertical three-point button that appears in the upper right corner and enter the “settings” option.
  • Click on “chats” and then on “Wallpaper“, now just choose the new background among all the possibilities that exist as in WhatsApp for iPhone, an image of the gallery, solid color, a gallery of WhatsApp own wallpaper and even without wallpaper.

change WhatsApp background on Android

These steps are valid to change WhatsApp background wallpaper to all the chats in Android if you want to change the background for a specific conversation the steps are others, although just as easy as we have shown you.

How to change WhatsApp background on iPhone?

In WhatsApp for iOS, it is quite easy to change the background wallpaper that by default all the WhatsApp chats bring. To change the background of WhatsApp on the iPhone you just have to follow these steps:

    1. Open WhatsApp and access the bottom option called “settings“.
    2. Enter now in “chats” and click on the option “Chat Wallpaper“.
    3. You will find several possibilities to put a new background in WhatsApp, in the iPhone up to three:
      • Choose an image in the Wallpaper library: where you will see very beautiful images.
      • Solid colors: from softer to slightly more intense.
      • Photos: you can even choose a photo of the ones you have made with the camera, of which you have saved that have been sent to you by WhatsApp, selfies, etc.

There is the last option that allows you to restore the wallpaper, that is, if at some point you want to return to the original background you had before the change, you just have to press this option to recover it.

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This way you can get rid of the default WhatsApp background so characteristic that has always been present in the app since its birth a few years ago, an interesting way to customize WhatsApp a bit within the possibilities offered.

You already know how to change WhatsApp background wallpaper in an Android phone and in the iPhone for still images in any case. Surely you observe how in both cases it is a quick and easy procedure that will give a different touch to your WhatsApp conversations with the different contacts.

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