How to change the language of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world. Millions of users every day exchange all kinds of messages in many different languages, and is that the application owned by Facebook is available in more than 60 languages. With WhatsApp, you can block contact, delete blocked contact, delete unread WhatsApp messages, schedule message to send later and can perform many other things.

Here’s how to change the WhatsApp language , how to change the keyboard language, and how to translate WhatsApp messages into another language so that you can chat with users who speak a language other than ours.

How to change the language of WhatsApp

When we install WhatsApp on the mobile, the application is displayed in our own language, because by default, the messaging application directly picks the language of our mobile settings . That is, if the language of the phone is English, WhatsApp will be automatically configured in English, but if our phone is configured in Spanish, then WhatsApp will be displayed in Spanish.

change language of android phone
Sequence: Settings>>Language & input>>Language

Therefore, if at any time we want to change the language of WhatsApp:

  1. simply go to the settings of the phone
  2.  Then, Language & input and
  3. Within the setting “Language”, we’ll see a list of languages installed in Android phone.
  4. Now you need to add your preferred languages with “Add language” option.
  5. Tap on it. Instantly, you will a list of various languages. Within this list, click on your desired language.
  6. Finally, within Language preferences options, click on your language which you want to select.
add language in android phone
Sequence: Add Language>>Select your language>>Tap on preferred language

Here, we have changed the language of the phone. Once this is done, we will see how to open WhatsApp, the messaging application is automatically displayed in the same language as the mobile phone.

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How to Change the Language of the WhatsApp Keyboard

As with the language of the application, the WhatsApp keyboard is the keyboard that we have configured in the phone. Therefore, the language of the keyboard of WhatsApp will be the same as the keyboard that we have configured on the mobile.

To change the keyboard on android phone, we need to go:

  1. To the Phone Settings
  2. And then, click on Language and Input option
  3. Within, Keyboard & input methods you need to click on “Default keyboard” to select desired input method.
  4. Now, click on the keyboard options to change the keyboard.

change android keyboard language

How to translate WhatsApp messages to another language

Surely more than one has happened that when wanting to chat through WhatsApp with people who speak a language other than ours , have had to pull a dictionary or translator to paste the messages received and translate them to know what they said. In the same way, what we wanted to answer had to be translated beforehand and then sent as a text message.

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Well, this task of translating messages from WhatsApp into other languages ​​has been simplified quite a bit thanks to Google Translator , an application that integrates with WhatsApp and allows us to easily translate both received and sent messages.

translate whatsapp message to another language

The first thing we have to do therefore is to download and install Google Translator from the Play Store and then open it and activate the option Enable touch to Translate . Once this is done, every time we copy in our Android mobile any text, we will see how we see a bubble with the icon of Google Translator that we can click to open the application and get the translated text.

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