Can you block comment on Instagram for some follower or non-follower?

Do you try to post a comment, but your comment could not be posted on Instagram? We explain how can you block comments on Instagram for specific people, you do not want to make comment on your Instagram posts.

Instagram is the social network that most followers have been acquiring in recent times. Since it appeared, many users have been those who have joined the platform to upload photos and videos. In addition, with a large amount of news that has been appearing, it is not uncommon that the time users spend in it has been increasing. The 24 hours stories or live videos have been two of the major functions that are being used more.

What happens when you block someone on Instagram?

Having comments on Instagram posts is always fun. But sometimes inappropriate and disturbing comments also posted by some of your followers on Instagram users which makes you uncomfortable. The major problem with live videos is that, for example, people can comment on what they see and they record. It is for this reason and for other reasons that you must have control over the comments allowed in your profile.

How can you block comments on Instagram for some people?

Below, we show you how you can block the comments of certain Instagram users so that you can avoid them writing in your posts. You should not worry because they will see the comment they will write while blocking for other users. Also, they will not know they have been blocked. However, nobody but you will have access to this content.

Access Instagram Setting – Step 1

The first thing you should do is enter your Instagram account and go to the Instagram profile page. Now, click on the menu of the three points located at the top.

Access Instagram Setting

Open Comment Setting – Step 2

Once inside the “Settings“, you have to select the option “Comments“.

Instagram comment settings


Instagram comment blocking setting – Step 3

Once we are inside the comments, we will see an option that says “Block comments“. We have to click on it.

Block comment Instagram

Search for an Instagram user – Step 4

Now we see a search engine. We have to look at those contacts that we want your comments to block in any of our posts.

Search user to block commenting


Block comment on Instagram – Step 5

Now we have to select “Block” those users who do not want their comments to appear.

your comment could not be posted Instagram

In this way, we will be avoiding that certain followers or non-followers in the case that our account is not private, can write in our posts.

From now, whenever your blocked Instagram user will try to post a comment, he will see “Your comment could not be posted Instagram” message. He will wonder, why won’t my comment posted on Instagram. But you know that you’ve blocked him to comment on your post.

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