You can already see the new 157 emojis that will arrive in 2018

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, 157 new emojis join the list that we already know officially for this 2018. A bald, a redhead or dizzy emoticons are among them. Do you want to know the others?

That WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application worldwide is not a secret for anyone. Its different functions and services have achieved faithful users of the App that one could almost say that they cannot live without it. And without a doubt, what characterizes the messages in the WhatsApp chat is the use of emojis to decorate the messages and express in an image an emotion or a state of mind.

History of emoticons: where they come from and who designs them today

The number of these figurines has been increasing over time and this 2018 was not going to be less. Unicode Consortium has announced a new list that will arrive this New Year in which there are a total of 157 new creations. And although the range of different emotions is very wide, there is always one that we miss.

What new emojis are we going to find in 2018?

Surely you are curious about what new emojis will be included in this new list. Among its most interesting novelties, we will find dolls that will express different sensations such as cold, heat, dizziness or fear.

New emojis 2018

In addition, finally we can find the redhead and the redhead, emoji very vindicated by the users and that finally arrives to cover all the colors of hair. Also include bald, gray or a face with afro hair. Another novelty that we will find is the inclusion of different animals, items, food, etc. Its designers have wanted to think about all of them, which is why this library never stops growing.

2018 New Emojis

We will have to wait until the second quarter of 2018 to see the new emojis

Although this list has been published officially, for now, we will have to wait until the second semester of 2018 to enjoy them on our phones or devices.

WhatsApp has news in emojis and verified accounts

In the following video, we will be able to see an advance of all of them so that we are the first to know what will be the next that we can send to our contacts. 157 emojis that add up to an “emojipedia” that has a total of 2,823 emoticons. Take a look and do not hesitate to choose the one you like most to have it signed.

Undoubtedly the emoticons are always well received by users and this occasion was not going to be less. And we already know that a picture is worth a thousand words.

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