Calibrate apple watch perfectly for more accurate fitness tracking

Calibrate apple watch steps, treadmill, heartbeat, distance, calorie burned options to improve accuracy of fitness tracking.

Sometime apple watch activity tracker is not working properly and provides inaccurate steps count, burning calories information. Time has come to calibrate apple watch to improve accuracy of fitness tracking during activity and workout.

The Apple Watch depends on a series of factors to determine the activity and the physical exercise that we performed during the day. These last few days I noticed that when I started jogging heartbeat, running distances and speeds did not correspond to what I used to. At first, I thought it was due to the fact that I use a beta version (actually), luckily there is a solution for this: calibrate the Apple Watch.

Calibrating the Apple Watch means improving the accuracy of distance, pace, and calories. To do this you must indicate a series of metrics and activities to the device with which it will determine the size of your strides. In this way, apple watch will offer much more accurate and adapted data to you.

Steps to calibrate Apple Watch according to the way you walk and run

To calibrate Apple Watch and improve the accuracy of your physical activity you must first consider the following points:

  • Set your height and weight correctly in Health
  • Make sure you have the location enabled in Settings> Privacy> Location
  • It also activates the offset calibration in Settings> Privacy> Location> System Services


Once you have this set up it’s time to calibrate the Apple Watch:

  1. Reset Calibration to Watch> Privacy> Physical Activity> Reset Calibration Data
  2. Head to a large, open, flat area. For example a soccer field or a street without many tall buildings.
  3. You must have the Apple Watch Series 2 put or if not the iPhone in a bracelet since the previous Apple Watch does not have integrated GPS.
  4. Open the Training app and select Walk.
  5. Walk as naturally as possible for yourself, at a normal pace for 20 minutes.

Keep in mind that just as you did this to calibrate your pace and stride when walking, you should also run it to calibrate your pace and stride while running. With all this, you ensure that the Apple Watch will take the precise measurements of the way you walk and run.

More information | Apple Support

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