Does iPhone help you to stop smoking? Best free quit smoking app for iPhone

Are you thinking to quit smoking habit? Your iPhone can play a major role to stop smoking. Really! Discover best free quit smoking app for iPhone and start to get rid of bad smoking habit.

There are many people who try to quit smoking every day and although some people get it, it causes them a great deal of trouble, since leaving routines or habits is not an easy task. To help in this bad drink precisely, we wanted to make a collection of applications that will help us stop smoking progressively with our iPhone.

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This type of apps tries to help the smoker to gradually stop using nicotine through goals or objectives. Many of them will even give us such useful information and with a mental effect as positive as for how much we have saved since we no longer smoke.

Best anti smoking apps for iPhone

Quit smoking apps will provide instruction to quit smoking as well as motivate you by tracking information about days without smoking. It will also show how much have you saved since you quite smoking days. Let’s see some apps:

Quit smoking – QuitNow!


The application of Quit smoking goes far beyond an application to stop smoking with your iPhone, as it will also give us information about the days we have not smoked and the money we have saved leaving the vice, of course, with positive messages and encouraging.

We say that it goes much further because Quit smoking is not only an application that will monitor your habits as a smoker, but it is also a community. A community of people like you who are quitting smoking and who will help you with encouragement and advice

Download Quit smoking for iPhone

Developer: Fewlaps SL
Price: Free+

Kwit – quit smoking forever


The Kwit app also follows the style of Quit smoking and will also allow you to monitor your progress to quit smoking very completely. This application does not use social support to motivate us and leave the insane habit, but it will use techniques, reasoning and game-based mechanics to help us in this tough task.

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In the application itself, we can see the level of progress we have and we will even have achievements, exactly as in a game. The healthier our life is from the moment we stop smoking, the more achievements and points we will achieve within this application.

Download Kwit – stop smoking forever for iPhone

‎Quit smoking for good - Kwit
‎Quit smoking for good - Kwit
Developer: KWIT
Price: Free+

Quit Pro: trainer to stop smoking


Does quitting seem unpleasant to you? Well, the guys who have developed Quit Pro for iPhone will try to make it fun. Like the two previous applications, this monitor will notify us of the days we have not smoked, of the days of life we ​​have gained by not doing so and also of what we have saved.

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As a novelty to the above, every time we feel like smoking this application will offer us alternatives to succumb. It will offer us the possibility of staying to go to the cinema, have a coffee, buy a candy or just go for a walk, keeping all this progress in a table that will improve our score.

Download Quit Pro: trainer to stop smoking for iPhone

‎Quit Pro
‎Quit Pro
Developer: Etago
Price: $0.99

We know that this process is hard, but we also hope that mobile devices and even wearable will help you overcome something that will greatly improve your quality of life.

There are no excuses. If you want, you can. Have you stopped smoking with your iPhone or are you still fighting against that vice?

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