Best fake GPS app for Android – Best fake location app

How to fake location on android with best fake location app?

We’ll explain best fake gps app to change your gps location on android phone.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that GPS does not lie as far as your location is concerned unless you have read our post to detect a fake WhatsApp location. In this case, many people lie to you, but, it is very easy to catch them. However, we have found three best amazing apps with which you can send fake location to all your friends.

Sending fake location on Android comes into play when you can not reveal your location to your friends, and you need to lie so that you do not get into a serious problem. Of course, you do not have to use any VPN or make too much effort to confuse your friends. You just have to download the applications and start enjoying.

Three best fake gps app for android to send fake location

Before we start mentioning you one by one, we have to tell you that the names are similar and their functions are identical. For this reason, you can use any one of these three best fake location app for android is a good choice for sending fake location.

Fake GPS Location – Best fake GPS app

This particular application comes with a full set of features that allow you to easily change your GPS location without much concern. What should you do?  Just look for the location you want, and your GPS will automatically change to that region. You see? It is very simple.

best fake gps app

Although, if you did not like this application and you want to uninstall it, you have to keep in mind that you must go back to your original location before uninstalling it because you can cheat the device and change your real location by the fake one. Where can we download it? In the box that we will leave you at the bottom or you can go to Google Play.

Fake GPS location
Fake GPS location
Developer: Lexa
Price: Free

Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer – Best fake location app

This application offers same as previously mentioned application, gives you the ability to travel around the world without leaving your bed. How do you think? Note that, this application is not newer one and takes a while in the market. Thus we can easily trust it. To use it, select the location or part of the world we ready to go.

Moreover, we must mention that you can add geotags to the sites, so we have not gone to any. Remember that this type of applications is not usually released to Google Play to do evil rather they are put by developers to make life easier for people and make jokes to our friends. Also, it’s completely free on Google Play, but it brings ads to the application.

Fake GPS Location Spoofer
Fake GPS Location Spoofer

Fake GPS location app – Hello

Our last fake GPS location android app developed by Hola that has a more refined user interface compared to the previous two and can be a great advantage. Why? It is easier for users to use and can break the geographical restrictions imposed by some applications. That said, many users opt for this tool before any other.

best fake location app

To make it work, you just have to download the application and select the location you want. That’s it. All these applications are very easy to use, and the settings are easy. That’s why you will not have any problem at the time of downloading any these best three sending fake location android apps.

Fake GPS Location - Hola
Fake GPS Location - Hola
Developer: Hola VPN Ltd.
Price: Free

In short, these are the best proposals you can find in the Google store to fake the location and joke with friends. Also, you can lie to that annoying boss who constantly asks you where you are. What are you waiting to try?


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