Best android smart TV remote control app to control TV with android phone

Does Android smart TV remote stop working, can not change channel and volume? This guides shows best android remote control apps for android smart TV to achieve full-control of Android smart TV from your Android phone. Install any one of these free android remote control applications.

We are surrounded by too many smart devices having individual remote control. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find specific remote control for specific devices and sometimes we lost ones. Nobody wants to go near the device every time they willing to change any device parameters such as volume, channel change, changing source, etc. That’s why remote control becomes popular and every device must needed criteria.

With the rise of Android smart TVs, known as Smart TV, 6 out of 10 families in the world have one somewhere in the home. As with Android phones, brands that are not as well known in this segment tend to launch smart TVs that are too crude to control. This is because they do not have a great processing power and is also combined with a very slow and not intuitive operating system.

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Luckily there are developers who thought of this and launched applications to control smart TVs with mobile phones. Today here we are going to show you a list of the applications that are in Android to control any smart TV using the mobile screen.

Applications to control the Smart TV with the mobile

Sure Universal Remote

Available for both mobile and tablet, this application will allow you to control not only the Smart TV but also any other means that allows remote control. Supports any brand of TV, DVD player, and even music equipment. The application works through a WiFi network or through the infrared ports of the media that we want to control.

Sure Universal Remote

Peel Smart Remote

Downloading this application you can control your Smart TV as if you had an intelligent remote control. In order to connect the phone to the TV, you must pair both devices using the same WiFi network. What characterizes this application is the simplicity with which the mobile phone is connected to the television.

Peel Smart Remote

Android TV Remote Control

Basic but useful, this application works with any TV that has Android TV. It is the best option for those who want to have total control of their Android TV.

It offers functions that make it the ideal control to control TV functions. The only point, against it, is that if or if it is necessary to have an Android TV.

Android TV Remote Control

Android TV Remote Control
Android TV Remote Control

We want to emphasize that there are four universal applications and that none is “tied” to a specific brand. The only application that is limited is the last because it needs Android TV to work.

The three applications are compatible with most mobile devices with Android. We recommend running them on mobile phones with Android 4.0 or higher.

Let’s try any one these best android smart TV remote control and suggest which one you like most. Waiting for your feedback in MsnTechBlog comment section.

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