The best alternative to Google Lens for any Android

Don’t you have Google Lens app on your Android phone? Learn how to use Google Lens on Android phone and use free best alternative to Google Lens app.

Under the slogan “AI First” during Google I / O 2017, the Mountain View giant made clear the importance it gives to artificial intelligence. He is showing it with some of the new features of Android Oreo, such as, also with Google Lens.

How to use google lens app for android

This visual recognition system based on the use of cameras for detecting and identifying objects. It aims to extend the benefits of artificial intelligence to Android mobile devices.

How to have Google Lens on any mobile?

Although it has already started landing the Google Pixel is being expected. In addition, we will finally see its integration in Google Assistant, and with new voices. That means that smartphones that do not have the intelligent assistant of the company will be left out. But it is possible to enjoy something like Google Lens on any mobile. Do you want to know how?

Which is the best alternative of Google Lens android app?

The beauty of this system is able to get information of what the camera focuses, thanks to the use of the Internet giant’s databases and the virtues of deep learning (or machine learning). The FooView application is an alternative, obviously more modest but that allows identifying the elements in a similar way.

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It is available free download from Google Play. After installing it, it is necessary to grant the permissions requested, especially so you can superimposed images on other apps. Once you have done, when you start FooView, a floating button will appear on your mobile, allowing you to get access to various tasks easily, regardless of the screen.

FooView best alternative of Google Lens

This application intent to offer a more convenient and simple experience. Hence, use that floating button, which also makes it possible to search information about images by just pressing it. Simply start the camera, focus something, select your area with the mentioned button and hit Search.

fooView - FV Float Viewer
fooView - FV Float Viewer
Developer: fooView Inc.
Price: Free

Of course, it is not as advanced as the great G method, but it is a practical option that you use with phones that cannot count on Google Lens. All it requires to run FooView is the Android version 4.1 or higher. In addition, you will see that it is one of the most useful applications that you can have on your smartphone. Have you tried FooView?

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