Badoo fake profiles – How to spot fake Badoo account?

How to detect a Badoo fake profiles?

We’ll explain key aspects to detect Badoo fake profiles, several cases you need to consider, and what to do when you spot a fake Badoo account.

One of the things that can distress or cause, some irritation when entering a social network with the predisposition or idea of ​​meeting people is undoubtedly, bumping into or discovering that certain people do not use their real identity and resort to so-called fake profiles to interact and relate something, which is not good at all because it is played with the feelings and illusions of another person.

1. Discovering a Badoo fake profile - Key aspects
  1.1 Verified profile :
  1.2 Other verification :
  1.3 Profile picture :
    Case 1:
    Case 2:
    Case 3:
    Case 4:
    Case 5:
  1.4 Location :
  1.5 Personal information :
  1.6 Language :
  1.7 Conversation in chat :
2. To expose an impostor in Badoo
3. Discovering a fake profile on Badoo - What to do?

Unfortunately, in the Badoo social network and although there are some mechanisms to limit and restrict this type of people that use ” fake profiles “, there must be special attention and care when interacting and getting to know other users in order to, avoid bad times and have greater margins of security.

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Precisely, this article has as purpose to give some essential keys to discard or, to discover Badoo fake profiles from the beginning and not to do it later or, much worse not to know it never and never to find out.

Discovering a Badoo fake profile – Key aspects

There are several aspects or points that can be considered key to discerning if you are really talking to a person who is real or well, with an impostor who uses and builds a fake identity for some reason, which undoubtedly is not justified.

These aspects or points should be analyzed as a whole to give some insight if, you are facing someone real because separately do not say much. Now, let’s go to those aspects.

Verified profile : 

In general, most of the registered users in Badoo have verified their profile associating it or checking their identity with their mobile phone and you can realize that a profile is verified since it has a small circle with a blue ticket as an icon profile of a verified user. In the case, that you find yourself with an unverified profile can be a sign that that person is not, who says it is and you will have to have more information to believe that that person is real and for that, you need to know more about that user.

Other verification :

Apart from the verification by mobile, there are other additional resources that Badoo grants to ensure the identity of a certain user and that are associating the accounts of Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or, acquire the superpowers of Badoo or finally, Associate the bank card. This resource is used by some users and can be viewed in their profile where you can see with which social network I verify your identity in Badoo.

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It must be said, that it is not obligatory or fundamental to do it, but the creditor adds a quota of credibility to the person who has done this type of verification and does not mean that the one who does not have it is a fake profile, it is another element of proof and although it seems like geek there are some impostors that even, some are told in other social networks and thus, they use this verification trying to generate greater credibility, all professionals of deception.

Profile picture :

The photos can give a lot of information about the person with whom you are talking and also, they can give indications if really, you are getting to know the person of said photographs or is a person who is taking pictures that are not his.

badoo profile picture

Case 1: Something that can be relatively suspicious are users who have profile photos where it is shown with great audacity and without shame. It is true that the image is a cover letter and in some way, it is key to call attention, but showing a lot of skin when it is not really required and being exposed or seen so that everyone can see it that way, can generate reasonable doubts but, no it can be said that because of that, it is a fake profile (it is a point or piece that must be considered).

Case 2: Concatenated or not, the previous case can generate certain doubts when viewing photos of a user who enjoys certain beauty or attractiveness, which could be making a really handsome or beautiful person in a place to meet people or, likes to provoke and draw attention but it remains effective, the doubt in this case.

Case 3: Another aspect and trained with the others are those profiles of users who enjoy 1 or very few photos that can generate suspicion if it is, someone real and if those photos are of low quality or are not very clear.

Case 4: Sometimes, someone can be questioned when the photos are excessively produced or, of a professional level that should not correspond to the person either, by his description, who he is, that person or how he develops when conversing.

Case 5: The photos of the profile in some way, you must be concordant with the description that you have in the Badoo profile. That is if it represents more or less age, height, weight (appearance) may be obvious signs of being a fake profile and should review or contrast the profile information with the photos.

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Location :

A fact that may be interesting is what time is online. That is, it can be a strange thing that Badoo frequent in a schedule that does not fit the geographical location where he lives and added to this, in a conversation not having knowledge of the place where he lives, the language he does not know or local things that they are made there.

badoo user location

Personal information :

This item is really valuable to shuffle if such a Badoo user is real or maybe not. If a user omits this information or part, this may be hiding information and on the other hand, that information is contradicted to your profile photos as I said earlier or, the knowledge or modes with which it develops and converses are far of your profile information.

badoo personal information

Language :

This is a great detail to take into account because, you can find a user who speaks their language, however, nowhere in your profile says that you have knowledge of that language or, says to master other languages ​​and in the Badoo chat is not able to articulate a sentence in that or does not have, the level or domain it claims to have.

badoo language

Conversation in chat :

As a last key point, I left the Badoo chat where you can see what kind of person you are talking to. Here certainly, it must be checked if the profile information is concordant in how it is expressed or unfolds and if, the knowledge matches its profile. For example, if he says he is a doctor or nurse he will have knowledge of his work area or, if he is a person with studies, he will not behave ridiculous.

badoo chat

Finally, if the user is provocative, vulgar and their only subject is “that” (I guess they know what I mean) it can certainly be person who made Badoo fake profiles and if it complies with other aspects, it is more in evidence.

Finally, these are some aspects that can be added to a greater extent. If they are facing a real person or an impostor with a lot of free time and who invented a life. However, it can not be determined with 100 percent certainty that a person is real or not, with these aspects until that person can actually be seen.

To expose an impostor in Badoo

In the case, they have many doubts and do not know if they are facing this type of subjects can ask for your Facebook or another social network to reduce the margin of insecurity or, ask for a dedicated photo where you can write something, position or pointing something … with that, if it is fake they can liquidate it or the other, it is to see it on the webcam.

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Discovering a fake profile on Badoo – What to do?

If they have seen a clearly fake user profile, it is not to talk to them and if one of these “users” talks to them the best, it is not to answer them or, if they want they follow the game to know where they are going and in Some time, if you wish, leave it in evidence asking for Facebook, a dedicated photo or webcam and so, see how they react.

I hope, that this information has clarified a little more this topic, be more attentive when it comes to meet people and of course, not be something naive or naive and maintain a certain caution, talk little by little and thus, go knowing others users to interact healthily.

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  1. Someone has made a profile of me an account, I have never joined up I want this removing or I will take legal advice as you are using my name and profile, this as caused a lot of distress to me.

  2. Hello.

    I found my husband’s profile on badoo. When I asked him about this he said it was a fake account and someone set without his knowledge and premision.
    Is there any chance you could veryfi wether it was himself who set that account or really was fake. I could provide some sreenshots from his conversations with other women’s.

    • It is not possible to create a fake account on Badoo by third party. Because you have verify your mobile number to create an account in Badoo.


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