How to backup WhatsApp messages on iPhone and Android

Do you know how to backup WhatsApp chat history?

WhatsApp is the ultimate instant messaging app. And although it is not the place to share important conversations, the fact is that they happen very often. Therefore, we often panic to think what would happen if, for any reason, we lost all our shared conversations and files. Or, if you’re just going to switch phones, but you want to keep all conversations going. That’s why you need to backup WhatsApp messages so that you can restore WhatsApp chat history whenever you need.

If you do not want to see yourself in that scenario of starting over from scratch, it’s as simple as making a backup. We’ll explain how to backup WhatsApp chat history on both Android and iPhone.

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Of course, you should know that your WhatsApp messages are automatically saved every day in the memory of your smartphone. In addition, you can make a manual backup that you can save to your phone or Google Drive in case of Android devices or iCloud for iPhone.

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Backup WhatsApp Messages – Android

Enter WhatsApp and go to the menu (the three points in the upper right corner). Go to Settings> Chats> Chats Backup.

WhatsApp Chat Settings

There you can choose how often you want the app to back up automatically. You can choose between Never, only when you touch ‘Save’, daily, weekly or monthly.

Backup WhatsApp messages

Once the periodicity is chosen, you can also select which network you want to do it with. So you can choose to do it only when you are connected to the WiFi network or, at any time, you are connected to a WiFi network or using mobile data.

Backup WhatsApp Messages – iPhone

Within WhatsApp, go to ‘ Settings ‘ in the lower right corner. There, select ‘Chats Settings‘ and click on ‘Chat Backup‘. You can choose to ‘Back Up Now‘ or click on ‘Auto Backup‘, where you can select to do the backup as ‘Daily’, ‘Weekly’, ‘Monthly’ or never do it.


Of course, on iOS devices, you will not be able to choose whether you want to make the backup connected to a WiFi network or use your data rate. To make sure you always use WiFi, you can follow the advice of WhatsApp: Disable mobile data for iCloud in iPhone Settings> Data> iCloud Drive> Off.

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