How to keep play YouTube in background-Android phone

Keep YouTube playing in background android.

YouTube limits playback of background videos to your android YouTube app, but there are alternatives to play YouTube in background. On Android, you can watch videos from YouTube in background without the need for root, and these are methods that work on both mobile phones and tablets.

Play YouTube in background with Firefox browser

The official YouTube application does not allow listening to videos in the background on Android, but in Firefox it is possible to continue playing videos without having to keep the application open.

The Firefox browser allows the playback of videos in the background without having to make any changes in the application.

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Type in the URL bar of Firefox browser on your mobile and visit. If you’re redirect to, tape on the “three vertical dot” at top right corner of Firefox Browser. Find and click the option “Request Desktop Site” which will redirect you to the desktop site.

Remember, without desktop site, this Firefox browser tricks to play YouTube videos in the background will not work.

Now, open any video and, when it is playing, press the Start/Home button to return to the main screen of the phone.

listen youtube background android Firefox

The video will continue to play on background no matter what task you are doing on the phone. Thus, you will be able to listen to YouTube in the background while browsing other applications without any trouble.

Download Link: Firefox browser for Android

Floating Tube, to watch YouTube videos in a floating window

Another interesting alternative to playing videos in the background is Floating Tube. This application plays YouTube videos in a small pop-up window and gives us the possibility to customize the size of the window on the phone’s screen.

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The most striking thing about this application is that it simulates in detail the aspect of the YouTube interface so that all the options are exactly in the same place as in the official application. When we click on a video, the application opens it in a floating window and clicking on the icon that appears in the top part of the video we can move it freely around the screen.

youtube background android

Of course, Floating Tube also has the option of playing in the background. To do this, all you have to do is click on the minimize icon that appears in the floating window of the video.

Download Link: Floating Tube (Multitasking) Android App

Stream android app to play YouTube in background

The additional application also available to play YouTube music in the background except for Firefox browser tricks. Stream app for Android is one of the applications. This application is specifically aimed at playing YouTube music videos and allows you to play videos in a floating window while performing other tasks.

how to keep youtube playing

In-Stream you can create playlists with YouTube videos, and users can access songs collected on radio stations created by others. Since videos are played in the form of a floating pop-up window, while we listen to the music, we can continue navigating the phone without having to keep open this application or YouTube.

The only limitation of this application is that it does not allow playback of videos with the screen locked.

Download Link: Stream Android App

Hopefully, you can now play YouTube in background on your android devices. If you face any kind of problem regarding keep YouTube playing in background-Android, please don’t forget to comment here.

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