Abbreviations most used in RSS, WhatsApp or Instagram

Do you know what ROFL or WARD means? Abbreviations are increasingly used to communicate on social networks or messaging apps like WhatsApp or Instagram. If you do not want to stay behind, take a look at what each of them means.

Every day we use our phone, computer or tablet to write with our friends, family, co-workers etc. Each time we write faster and with fewer words. This has caused the use of abbreviations to be increasingly common in our written vocabulary through messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Skype, and that in some cases there has been a situation where we do not know what those acronyms mean. It is very common to see the use of these abbreviations also in social networks that we frequent on a daily basis.

There is no doubt that a new dictionary created by the millennial generation, that is, digital natives, has been created in recent years. No doubt these abbreviations are a new way of communicating that has come to stay and that it is best to know all of them as soon as possible to avoid having to go thinking about what they want to say or looking for their meaning.

Next, we will review the most common abbreviations. I have to say that they all come from the English language, an increasingly extended language. Do not stay behind and know what each of them means.


This abbreviation used more and more frequently tells us “Laughing Out Loud” that comes to mean something like (laughing loudly). We use this abbreviation when we consider something really funny. Very widespread worldwide, but we can only use it in a colloquial context.


This expression may sound a bit ruder. The translation that is awarded is “Laughing My Ass Off” which is (I split my ass with laughter). Yes, we have realized that we have forgotten the F that is often included, LMFAO, but basically, the F within the acronym of English language comes to represent the famous “fuck/fucking” so you can deduce yourself translation.


“Rolling On Floor Laughing”, If we want to go further still, we can use this expression which indicates”Rolling on the floor of laughter”. With this, we will be expressing that we cannot stop laughing.


Here we can speak of an abbreviation very used among teenagers as it is “Best Friend Forever” (Best friends forever) when friendship crosses borders and friends occupy our 24 hours a day.


We are in a situation of astonishment but really it is not so much the amazement as the bewilderment “What The Fuck” that would be like saying (But what the hell? Or What the hell?). It really is usually used to replace a coarser word, you can imagine which one.


We have almost no time to write but if we put this abbreviation “As Soon As Possible” we mean (as soon as possible). You commit to something and with this abbreviation is clear.


This is very possible that you know it since today it is still very used on Twitter. It is known as “Trending Topic” (Theme of the moment). This abbreviation is used in the social network Twitter to know what terms or words are commented or re-tweeted at the time. It is a way of seeing what topics are being discussed within the RRS.


It is a tradition on Twitter through which the best accounts of the week are recommended. Its translation is “Follow Friday“. Hasthtag that is therefore used on Fridays.


By the way (BTW). This abbreviation is used when we want to add something that at first we had forgotten or we want to clarify on some topic.


Very popular expression also to express amazement “Oh My God” (Oh my god, oh my god) some prefer to translate the g by Gosh (ghost) in order not to use the name of God in vain. But come on, if something surprises you, here your expression.


“Too Much Information”, with this, we are referring to the fact that the information we are receiving seems important to us or that we have been told too many things in a short space of time.


Well, known also by its abbreviation in Spanish ADV “Fuck My Life” or “Asco De Vida” is the two translations we get from this. It’s not really a nice abbreviation, but it’s very used.


The acronym “Not safe for work” which means “Not safe for work“. This is used above all via email because it is a warning so you know that the information is not safe to see at work. Surely it’s something you would not want your boss to catch while you’re working.


“Face to Face” or what it means in Spanish “Cara a Cara”. With this abbreviation, we are trying to say that the best thing is that the conversation is kept in person.


If we see that someone puts that, it means “No Problem” or what we would say in Spanish, “No problem”. It is usually used to indicate that what we are being told is fine with us and that we agree.


“Got To Go” when we write this in a conversation we are saying “I have to go”. In this mod, we will be indicating that we are in a hurry without having to give too many explanations.


This is undoubtedly one of the abbreviations that we are seeing most lately in social networks but that does not have a literal meaning. We could say that basically means that when someone makes a publication on Facebook, who writes WARD or WARDIOLA as a comment is that he wants to save it to be able to access it later. Do not miss what people think about this abbreviation.


BAE is widely used in social networks to express love and affection to another person. What these acronyms mean is “Before Anyone Else” which translated into Spanish means “Nobody before you”. No doubt this expression is often used by couples to say in a few words how important that person is.


If we see this comment on social networks, it comes to say Not To Worry. This translated into Spanish means that “It is not to worry” that is when something is not so important as to be a concern to that person.


When we see this acronym published in one of our social networks, it means that the person is absent. Literally, in English, it means “Be Right Back” which is translated into Spanish by “Vuelvo ahora”.


In the case that we see in the comments of Facebook or Instagram XOXO, what they mean by this acronym is that the person who writes the message is sending many kisses and hugs to the recipient of the message. It is a loving and easy way to say goodbye to a person or to express this.


This is not an abbreviation as such but is very used in social networks to say that you have fallen in love with someone that has been a real crush. When someone writes this on their social networks, they want to indicate that the person they are talking about has become a love at first sight.

As you have seen, it is not enough with emojis, but we must also know the meaning of these abbreviations if we want to be the last, to know what our friends, children or grandchildren want to say. As time is not to lose, with 3 or 4 letters writing we are already expressing a whole sentence. And you do you think? Is good writing being lost with all this?

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