7 tips not to be fooled in Wallapop – Best online buying guide

Don’t become fool while making deal on online platform like Wallapop. This guide indicates best 7 tips to avoid wrong deal on Wallapop. Let’s list out all the point in this article to avoid cheaters.

Wallapop has become one of the main platforms for buying and selling products. Although the level of satisfaction is usually high, as in real life, there are also people who use the app to cheat. If you want to avoid being deceived at all costs, pay attention to these 7 tips.

Investigate the seller
Stars and comments
Ask everything you need
Read carefully
Staying does not mean buying
Always pay in person or on the platform itself

The price of any product in Wallapop is key. As a general rule, do not trust if that bag you have been looking for for months has a price that is much lower than other products that are the same or very similar. It can be a very useful hook to attract potential buyers.

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Enter the profile of the seller and thoroughly analyze their behavior. Review the products you have for sale and the price, as well as the products you have already sold.

investigate product seller

Do you have a profile picture? It is a plus because it generates extra confidence. Also check if the profile is verified, which will add more credibility.

Wallapop allows you to evaluate a seller (and buyer) with stars and leave comments, so why not invest some time in reviewing them?

evaluate review star comments

Believe it or not, people often rate and comment on the transaction very often, so here you will find quite relevant information: if it is timely if it responds quickly if there has been any problem after the purchase and it has been solved or has disappeared.

Reading the comments of other buyers can be very useful for future purchases, so do not hesitate to stop and investigate them.

Do not be afraid they are not giving you anything, in fact, you want to buy a product, so you are entitled to ask everything you want. Sizes, measures, operation, real estate … everything you can think of and wants to know.

ask every question about product

Do not be afraid to be a ‘ heavy ‘ because if the seller wants to be successful with the sale, he will be happy to answer all your questions. And if you need more photos, ask for them too.

With the photos of the product, you can do an extra check. Take a screenshot and try uploading them to Google Images. If the photo has many entries, it has a high probability of being a scam.

Wallapop is quite strict in the descriptions of their ads, so if you try to skip their rules, they will eliminate your product without notice. Therefore, there are real specialists in makeup information to pass the ‘censorship‘.

read about product carefully

You must read carefully the description of the products to avoid cheating. If you also take screenshots of the information and photos, it will be easier for you to provide evidence if they deceive you.

Although sometimes you see yourself almost obligated, staying with another person because you are interested in one of their products does not mean that the sale is closed. When you have it in your hand it is time to review it carefully so as not to take you after unpleasant surprises.

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The product copies are getting more and more, so take the time you need, take the product out of the box (if it goes in it) and look at it from all possible angles.

always pay using default platform payment option

Do not trust if someone asks you to pay in advance or outside the official platform. Although Wallapop has the Wallapay system for payments, you can also do it by hand if you prefer.

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