2 ways to clear cache on Huawei P8 P9 Mate9 Mate10 Android phone

How to clear cache in a general way or application by the application of Huawei P8 P9 Mate 9 Mate 10 Android phone.

In the cache memory of our phones are accumulated lots of data and files. These elements that in principle we do not want to save are stored in our phones automatically taking up space in them. For this reason our mobile phones begin to saturate and its memory is getting full. This affects the operating speed of the device, preventing not work with the fluidity that in principle it should.

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Freeing this space is necessary to be able to store other types of files in information than in this case if we want it to be stored on our phones.

A good way to gain space on our phones quickly and easily is to clean or clear the cache of installed applications. And it is for this reason that in this tutorial MsnTechBlog will explain how to erase the application cache one by one and generally in your Android Huawei P8 P9 Mate 9 Mate 10 phone.

How to clear application cache one by one in Huawei P8 P9 Mate 9 Mate 10

A good option to gain space by deleting the Apps cache is to do it one by one to avoid losing information about any specific application that interests you.

To clear the cache of a specific application, you must follow the following steps:

Step 1

Access the “Settings” menu from the main screen menu of your Huawei P8 P9 Mate 9 Mate 10 from the gear icon. Press here.

P8 P9 Mate 9 Mate 10 Android Phone Settings

Step 2

Once inside, scroll until you find the option either “Apps” or “Applications and Notifications” and click on it.

Android Apps Setting

Based on your P8 P9 Mate 9 and Mate 10 Huawei smartphone operating system version, Application and notifications option may have or not. In case, you have this option, you will find another new screen with several options. As a first option, “Apps” will appear. Finally, you need to Click on this option.

Step 3

Here you will see a list of all the applications installed on your phone. Slide to the one you are looking for and click on it. For example, i want to clean cache of only Google Chrome application installed on my android phone.

Select apps to clear cache

Step 4

Different options related to that particular application will be opened. Look for the option “Storage” and click here.

Storage of app cache

Step 5

A window will open where information about the size of the application and other factors related to the App’s memory will appear. At the bottom of the screen, the option “Clear Cache” will appear. Click here and you will erase the cache of that particular application.

Clear App cache on Huawei P8 P9 Mate 9 Mate 10

How to erase Apps cache in general on Huawei P8 P9 Mate 9 Mate 10 – One click method

If you do not mind losing the information of any specific application and you want to delete it in all the applications installed on your mobile phone, a good way and faster is doing it in a general way. You can easily delete all installed android application cache memory with a single click. You don’t need to go for each app and individually delete their cache memory over and over again.

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Follow our guide to delete all android apps cache memory on Huawei P8 P9 Mate 9 and Mate 10 android phone.

Step 1

Enter the “Settings” menu by clicking on the gear icon similar like above described method.

Step 2

You will see the different options within the settings like previous method. This time you need to go into “Memory & Storage” section.

Step 3

A new screen will open, in which you will find general information about the internal and external storage occupied in the memory of your Huawei P8 P9 Mate 9 Mate 10.

Usually these information display without performing any actions. However, if you don’t find, you may need to find another option called “View details“. Whenever you click on it, the applications and space they occupy in your device will appear.

All Android Apps Storage Cleaner

Step 4

Now, go to Storage cleaner to get elaborate space occupied by all application in your android phone. You’ll two options there to clean memory space: one is Memory Cleanup (Not recommended) and other is Cache Junk (Recommended). Clean All Android Apps Cache One Click

By default recommended Cache Junk option will be selected. You can select and deselect by click on whichever app you want or select all apps to clean cache memory. Finally, click on “Clean” and it will be done.

It will be that simple to eliminate the application cache one by one and generally in your Huawei P8 P9 Mate 9 Mate 10.

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