10 best app to chat with strangers on WhatsApp

Do you want to chat with stranger people using WhatsApp? This guide provides 10 best chat apps to meet strangers on WhatsApp. Learn how to find strangers and chat with them using best app to chat with strangers on WhatsApp.

It is an inherent condition of the human being, the social being, to relate to others and to want to create groups and communities. That’s why today we talk about different apps to meet people through WhatsApp.

A quick and easy method to expand our group of friends, or simply to look for new people with whom to share hobbies or whatever comes up.

A current way to meet people, since WhatsApp is the leading messaging app in the world. With these apps, you will find different groups to join and you will be able to write everything you want since you will possibly find people similar to you.

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In the different apps stores of the different operating systems that work today, we can find a wide variety of applications in which there are different groups of WhatsApp and to which you can join by affinity, curiosity, interest, etc.

Best stranger chat app for WhatsApp user

We will make a summary of the best apps to meet people on WhatsApp, not all apps are available for all operating systems.

But given the great variety of this type of apps, you will not have any problems in any of this list that suits your needs.

Groups of WhatsApp

What is a very simple name? Yes, but this does not make you distrust. It is the app par excellence to meet people through the messaging app.

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The downloads from the Play Store and start using it, it’s that simple. You choose the group when you want to enter and you chat.

You also have the option of informing about a number that bothers you, creates conflicts, sends spam, etc.

Download WhatsApp Groups for Android

Groups for Whatsapp
Groups for Whatsapp
Developer: G.M.E.
Price: Free+

Groups of WhatsApp, the web to chat on WhatsApp.

It fulfills the same function as the Android app that bears its name, but instead of being an application, it is a web. In this web, you can choose the group you want to enter, and even, as in the app, you can create your own group.

Web: WhatsApp Groups

Though the site basic language is Spanish, you should try this by translating using Google Chrome browser which is one of the best browsers of 2017.

What Groups

An app that follows the same line of everything above, but with the peculiarity that it is originally in Portuguese, but can be changed to English and Spanish.

It is one of the best-known apps in the Play Store when we search for apps to meet people through WhatsApp.

Download WhatsGroups for Android

Groups For WhatsApp

If you have a good level of English and you are looking to practice it while you meet people, this is the perfect application for you. An app entirely in English and that continues with the usual theme of this type of apps.

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Simple, fast and direct. It is downloaded in Play Store and nothing else you have to choose the group, or groups that interest us. Once inside … enjoy!

Download Groups For WhatsApp for android

Best Groups For Whatsapp

It is an app exclusively for iPhone users, or Apple devices such as an iPad, for example.

Without separating too much from the usual line of these apps to meet people through WhatsApp, shows us a series of groups to join and start chatting with the members.

At the same time, as in most apps of this style, it allows us to create our own WhatsApp group.

Download Best Groups For WhatsApp for iOS

Best Groups For Whatsapp
Best Groups For Whatsapp
Developer: top app
Price: Free

Whats Groups – Join Groups

If none of the previous apps convinces you to start meeting people with whom to share affinities through WhatsApp, this may be the app you’re looking for.

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It has a less elaborate interface than the previous ones, but the functions and the objective are the same: to meet people using WhatsApp.

Download Whats Groups – Join Groups for Android

Whats Groups - Join Groups
Whats Groups - Join Groups

Groups Join Online for WhatsApp

It is one of the few apps that require registration since it goes by zones and by countries. This app to meet people in WhatsApp is entirely in English, so if the language is not your strong point, this is not your application.

Download Groups Join Online for WhatsApp for Android

Whats Groups

An app with a very different interface than usual. This application maintains the main objective that is to meet people in WhatsApp.

There are many groups, almost any theme. Find the one you like most, and join to start meeting new people.

Download Groups for WhatsApp for Android

Whats Groups - Groups for Whatsapp
Whats Groups - Groups for Whatsapp

Links for WhatsApp groups

An app that you will find it under the name of Groups WhatsApp. Yes, all apps have the same name. The important thing is not the name, but the function that performs and this app perfectly fulfils its purpose: to meet people on WhatsApp.

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One of the apps with the best interface of all the ones we have on this list. Simple and intuitive. It does not require registration, nor is there excessive advertising.

Download Links for WhatsApp for Android

Group Links for WhatsApp

An app that has a wide variety of links to access different groups of WhatsApp and start meeting people. As important data, it is only in English.

It is perhaps not the best, but as it fulfils the basic function of meeting people on WhatsApp, it could not be missing in our collection.

Download Group Links for Whatsapp

Group Links For Whatsapp
Group Links For Whatsapp

Undoubtedly, these are the best app to chat with strangers on WhatsApp. The fact of being able to make conversation are people who are thousands of kilometres away from us and share confidences, hobbies, illusions, makes the world a little smaller and we feel more united

Have you ever used one of these apps? What do you think about the fact of meeting people on WhatsApp?

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